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Temples at Lee's Palace

By: Gemma Mastroianni + Jared Burke

Temples played Lee's Palace in Toronto on Tuesday, February 28th. They entered the stage in all 70's themed attire, as they typically do. They opened the set with "The Howl," starting things off with an excellent sounding mix.

Although the band put out record "Hot Motion" recently, they played hit songs off of each record, which was evidently appreciated throughout the crowd. Their stage presence was inviting and laid back. Although they didn't chat up the crowd too much, the performance was enjoyable and nearly flawless. Guitarist Adam Smith broke a string during the performance of "Oh The Savior," but recovered quickly with a replacement guitar - it was hardly noticeable.

Lighting consisted of mostly pink's, red's and blues. It would have been cool to see a

visualizer implemented into the performance, as they have done in the past.

Singer James Bagshaw's vocals were impeccable, sounding exactly the same as the record. Overall the mix sounded just about the same as the record too. In a small venue like so it is not always easy to capture the sounds but with that being said I believe they did the absolute best they could.

This was a great show filled with tons of dancing, sing-alongs, and overall a great vibe. Well done Temples!


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