Gemma Mastroianni is creative, outgoing, adventurous, and always looking for new experiences. I often find myself getting inspired in media, specifically within music and lifestyle, which is why it is my chosen career path. I love to share my experiences with others, and am always looking to collaborate.


I'm passionate about encouraging new and positive experiences in life. I like to cover topics that promote an uplifting lifestyle that brings genuine happiness and experiences with people we love, with the perfect soundtrack to go along with it.


Whether it's attending a music festival, listening to an album, going to restaurants with friends or family, I'm all for promoting it.

I began my own blog in high-school where I conducted interviews over Skype, and I would scribe and publish. I then moved onto freelancing for other websites which allowed me to conduct even more interviews, album reviews, concert reviews, festival coverage, lifestyle blogging, traveling, show-bookings, and PR.


I thank everyone who was a part of making that happen, as you have inspired me to create this outlet.

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Cool music? Show promotion? Yummy restaurant? Fun product? Wanna write? Let's chat.

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