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PVRIS and Poppy at HISTORY | Photos and Review

The co-headlined PVRIS and POPPY tour took place at History on September 15th to a sold out crowd.

Openers Pom Pom Squad from Brooklyn, New York played one of their first shows over the boarder bringing their alternative mellow rock sound to fresh ears starting off the night. Playing multiple unreleased demos that talk about life and relationships, the lead singer shouted out her ex-girlfriend for introducing her to some incredible musicians that she could now share a stage with every night and was the best F-You she could ever give to an ex.

Walking and interacting with both sides of the stage lead singer, Mia Berrin, captivated the crowd with an impressive stage presence and was very interactive with fans, even threw some fresh flowers into the crowd for fans to catch. The stage lights shows a variety of colours and each member of the band shined on stage. If you are a fan of artists like Phoebe Bridgers, PVRIS, and Paramore, “Pom Pom Squad” features a nice blend of all three musical genres and comes across and fresh and unique.

Next up was the pop-alternative rockers PVRIS from Massachusetts for their first performance in Toronto after their 2020 show with Halsey at at Budweiser Stage was cancelled due to COVID.

Playing the final show of the of the Goddess/Godless Tour in Toronto, lead singer Lynn said it’s been too long since the band returned to Toronto but it always feels like a second home whenever they visit. Performing all the tracks from their newest album, Evergreen, the stage was dimly lit and included a lot of strobe lighting with would not be for those with light sensitivity issues. The stage included a bunch of bushes and fog around the instruments, and a variety of red and green lighting as well as some trippy visuals behind the band created a very nice and lively atmosphere. The crowd was jumping around and even a few decided to crowd surf during the bands older songs like “Fire,” “Smoke,” and “Dead Weight” and played a nice variety of songs along their discography. With very little phones found in the crowd during their performances, the hold that PVRIS has on Toronto is immensely prevalent and we will await their next visit.

Poppy was up next to close off the night and felt very automated. Pre-planned visuals with audio queues for the fans to gather in for pictures felt scheduled, and even visuals behind the musicians felt like I was viewing a Windows Media Player Visualizer. Poppy let out some nice screams occasionally and the crowd was occasionally jumping around however as majority of the crowd dispersed after PVRIS, it felt like it was clear who the fan favourites were.

See photos captured by Josiah Botting below:



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