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MALAA at HISTORY | Review and Photo Gallery

Malaa took his 'Don Malaa' album release tour to HISTORY in Toronto on Friday, October 7th.

The baclava wearing DJ spun a ton of new tracks from his brand new album 'Don Malaa', but also played crowd favourites such as 'Notorious', 'Made in France', and more.

The crowd was consistently growing as we approached Malaa taking stage, and there were a ton of mask wearing fans with signs. Malaa's energy, persona, and crowd interaction (despite not speaking, which is part of his mysticism and persona) helps make his show experience stand out from others in the EDM space. His mysterious character, movement, and even handing out shots of Jack Daniel's to fans truly add exciting elements to the show.

Track selection was mainly tech-house, and mostly featured heavy bass-lines. He also did a great job at incorporating some hip-hop influence throughout the set.

Check out the photo gallery below:

All photos taken and edited by Gemma Mastroianni

Review written by Gemma Mastroianni


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