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TONIGHT: Passport Radio Virtual Release Show

Toronto-based four-piece Garage-Rock band Passport Radio has just released a brand new nostalgic and dreamy track titled "Movin On."

Evidently, the song is about moving on and it can be taken in a variety of different contexts: from a person, job, city, lifestyle, etc. The versatility of the song makes it relatable to any listener especially through these weird times we are in, all experiencing loss in some state.

Moral of the story: we all love the song and obviously want to celebrate. Tonight we are hosting a virtual release show for this beautiful song right here on The Soundtrack on IG Live at 7 PM. We have a variety of amazing artists playing, please see below:

Don't forget to get your drinks, snacks, and outfit ready for this fantastic show filled with so much local talent. The show starts at 7 PM EST here!


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