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50 Artists We're Excited to See at SXSW 2024

Another year, another megalist of up-and-coming artists on the SXSW Music lineup.

For those of you apt to experience “FOMO” – good news! – I’ve gone through the trouble of listening to the entire SXSW lineup on your behalf. That’s 1173 artists (at the time of this writing), and several hours of my life that I will never get back.

This year’s lineup features the likes of music superstars like X Ambassadors, Peso Pluma, and The Black Keys - who are also keynote speakers during the SXSW Music Conference. But, the real reason we go to SXSW is to discover something new - a new idea, a new connection, or in this case, a new favourite artist.

Here are 50 artists we’re excited to see at SXSW 2024.

SXSW 2024 will run from March 8 - March 16 in Austin, TX.

Alisa Amador

Singer-Songwriter / Indie Pop | Boston, USA | Listen to: Slow Down

Winner of the 2022 NPR Tiny Desk Contest; a blend of rock, jazz, funk, and alternative folk informed by their Latin musical heritage.

Amber Ryann

Pop / Alternative | Pasadena, USA | Listen to: LIQUID COURAGE

Raised by a hip-hop producer father and a mother enamored with late 90’s R&B, Amber Ryann found her musical voice amidst an eclectic blend of early 2000’s emo, hardcore, and alternative rock.

Aubrey Haddard

Rock / Dream Pop | Brooklyn, USA | Listen to: Charley

A sonic tapestry of dreamy synthscapes, overdriven guitars, and pulsing electronic drums drawing inspiration from themes of Greek mythology and Japanese literature.


Punk / Lo-Fi | Los Angeles, USA | Listen to: Too Much Money

Catchy alt rock that aims to capture “the imaginary edge where the ‘70s underground met the corporate culture of the ‘80s.”


Soul / Indie Pop | Sandnes, Norway | Listen to: We Never Knew

Lyrical indie/soul crafted to envelop the listener “like a warm embrace.”

Benjamin Walker

Singer-Songwriter / Indie Pop | Mexico City, Mexico | Listen to: Querernos Bien

Fusion of pop, and indie folk that draws on Latin American folklore; nominated for the 2018 Best New Artist Latin GRAMMY.

Bleach Lab

Rock / Dream Pop | London, England | Listen to: Old Ways

Introspective, emotionally frenetic “sad-core” dream-pop drawing influence from 80’s and 90’s music.

boy wonder

Blues / Lo-Fi | Toronto, Canada | Listen to: R U My Girl

Musician, film-maker, one-man band, creator of charmingly dissonant sounds; despite the Toronto connection, not to be confused with Drake’s producer.


Electronic / Soul | Sydney, Australia | Listen to: Are You All Good?

A “blurry, aching take on late night soul music” crafted by best friends Sean Walker and Andrew Grant.

Certainly So

Rock / Indie Rock | Nashville, USA | Listen to: Foreign Ties

Harmony-infused melodies and invoking lyrics crafted into “music that makes you feel good."

Chloe Tang

Pop / R & B | Phoenix, USA | Listen to: Hype

Emotionally liberating and introspective pop that nudges the listener to “love me, but leave me alone." 


Rock / Indie Rock | San Francisco, USA | Listen to: Glass Jaw

“Heaviness layered with ethereal, feminine rage” that came into existence when the duo crossed paths on dating app Hinge. 


Rock / Indie Rock | Brighton, England | Listen to: Let Down

Hard hitting, fast-paced, sludgy garage rock pop that will leave you “feeling ready to take on the world.”


Rock / Alternative | Tokyo, Japan | Listen to: ユナイテッドパンケーキ

Japanese duo known for their engaging and extensive touring schedule - including twice-daily performances during a 2020 sold-out Tokyo run.

Eliza McLamb

Rock / Singer-Songwriter | Los Angeles, USA | Listen to: Mythologize Me

Gut-wrenching riffs, full soundscapes, and intimately observational lyricism that “encourages you to self-reflect, accept sensitivity, embrace connection, and perhaps most of all, feel as deeply as you possibly can."

Emi Grace

Rock / Pop | Summerland, USA | Listen to: Cut Ya Loose

Emi Grace’s “Trashy Tone Thursdays” have captured an audience on TikTok, where she combines her affinity for rock, electronic, and mind-bending guitar skills into a sound all her own.

Ethan Tasch

Folk / Indie Pop | Menlo Park, USA | Listen to: Room

Confessional indie folk gems from Bea Miller’s former touring guitarist.

Field Guide

Singer-Songwriter / Indie Rock | Winnipeg, Canada | Listen to: You Were

Heartbreaking but hopeful indie exploring the human condition “with unshakeable melodies at its heart.”

Gareth Donkin

Soul / R & B | Epsom, England | Listen to: Whenever

Genre-blending artist drawing from soul, funk, pop, yacht rock, hip-hop, jazz, bossa nova… and definite MJ influences. 


Electronic / Classical | Berlin, Germany | Listen to: Bloodflow

Piano duo blurring the lines between ambient, minimalism, classical and electronic music.

Iris Jean

Pop / Alternative | Alkmaar, Netherlands | Listen to: Those Eyes

Dutch singer-songwriter making her US performance debut at SXSW.


Pop / Indie Pop | Melbourne, Australia | Listen to: I Wish My Mind Would Shut Up

Polished DIY bedroom pop that sounds “like your favourite dessert.”

Jai’Len Josey

R & B / Soul | Atlanta, USA | Listen to: She Got It

Smooth and powerful pop-informed R&B from a seasoned performer who made their professional Broadway debut at age 16.


R & B / Indie Pop | Stockholm, Sweden | Listen to: Ignorancy

Versatile Swedish artist, producer, and writer who collaborated with Little Dragon on debut solo EP 'Flowerworks'.


Electronic / Alternative | Reykjavík, Iceland | Listen to: White Sun

Singer, songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, Jófríður Ákadóttir; founding member of electronic band Samaris and folktronica duo Pascal Pinon.


Rock / Alternative | Bronx, USA | Listen to: RISK, RISK, RISK!

Musician, illustrator, and animator blending a wide variety of genres - dance-punk, emo, prog rock, hardcore, pop, hip-hop, Latin dance, and more - into a thillingly imaginative musical universe as encapsulated by their motto, "No Genre, All Drama."

Kassa Overall

Jazz / Electronic | Seattle, USA | Listen to: Ready To Ball

Grammy-nominated emcee, singer, producer, and drummer pushing the boundaries of jazz and rap by blending avant avant-garde experimentation with hip-hop production techniques.

Kaz Moon

Pop / Indie Rock | Dallas, USA | Listen to: Left Hand

Lo-fi pop & multimedia project by 22-year-old singer, producer, songwriter, photographer, and videographer Cody Yao.

Kid Bookie

Rock / Hip-Hop / Rap | London, England | Listen to: AI (Save Yourself)

Genre-splicing project fusing nu-metal and trap-metal elements with rap.


Electronic / J-Pop | Tokyo, Japan | Listen to: 愛して 愛して 愛して

Producer and composer known for creating the first Vocaloid song (a singing synthesizer software) to garner over 100 million Spotify streams. 

Liam St. John

Rock / Blues | Spokane, USA | Listen to: forefathers

Soulful singer-songwriter performing at the crossroads of blues, roots, and rock & roll.


Pop / Neo Soul | Berlin, Germany | Listen to: good good

Berlin-based musician, model, dancer, art director and LGBTQ+ & POC ambassador blending indie, soul, pop, and R&B.


Pop / Indie Pop | Washington, DC, USA | Listen to: Best Friend's Place

2spirit Indigenous artist hailing from A Ni Sa Ho Ni (Cherokee-Blue/Medicine clan) and Arapaho ancestry, drawing inspiration from a lineage of musical excellence—her father, a backup singer for Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson, and her mother, an opera singer.

Lucky Lo

Pop / Indie Pop | Copenhagen, Denmark | Listen to: Peak/Valley

Danish indie pop artist channeling music into a tool for positive mental health by “shining a light on the dark sides of life and transforming our struggles and worries into joy and hope.”

Mary Shelley

Punk / Rock | Brooklyn, USA | Listen to: Bourgeois de Ville

Genre-hopping quartet fusing post-punk rhythms, disco beats, shoegaze, and hip-hop into “punk music you can dance to.”


Pop / Alternative | Montréal, Canada | Listen to: empty

DIY artist creating lush, colourful, infectious pop from the comfort of his own bedroom.

Mina Okabe

Pop / Neo Soul | Copenhagen, Denmark | Listen to: Every Second

Blissful, breezy pop songs shimmering with optimism and confessional songwriting. 


Rock / Alternative | Galway, Ireland | Listen to: I Don't Recognise You

Irish shoegaze / indie pop band that was born out of a final year school project.


Singer-Songwriter / Indie Pop | Vienna, Austria | Listen to: Responsibility

Reeperbahn Festival 2021 Anchor Award nominee who later received an invitation from jury member Tom Odell to support his European tour.


Pop / Singer-Songwriter | Ann Arbor, USA | Listen to: ALICE

Former music therapy student whose bookish-inspired compositions caught the attention of Booktok and music-loving TikTokers alike.


Pop / Rock | Atlanta, USA | Listen to: Where Was Your Love

Genre-bending “cultural gumbo” pop soul influenced in part by his father’s gospel quartet background.


Punk / Afro Punk | Brooklyn, USA | Listen to: Red, White, & Blue

Emo outfit whose latest album "The Great American Novel," was produced and recorded by Bartees Strange, and delves into the concept of “how Black genius goes ignored, relentlessly contested, or just gets completely snuffed out before it can flourish."


Pop / Indie Pop | New York, USA | Listen to: BLONDE

Sharply observant pop that reflects upon “the liminal space between adolescence and adulthood.”

Reality Club

Rock / Pop | Jakarta, Indonesia | Listen to: Anything You Want

Popular Indonesian rock band; recent winners of Best Alternative Album at the Anugerah Musik Indonesia 2023 Awards.

Thunder Jackson

Singer-Songwriter / Alternative | Piedmont, USA | Listen to: Love Sick Doctor

Expansive and yearning tunes from the son of an Elvis impersonator who found their musical partner during a fortuitous shared cab ride.


Rock / Alternative | Brighton, England | Listen to: Stop Beating on My Heart (Like a Bass Drum)

Nocturnal, hard-hitting rock that thrives on contrast and sonic experimentation.

Tommy Siegel

Rock / Indie Rock | Los Angeles, USA | Listen to: Dog Down

Solo project of Jukebox the Ghost guitarist, and prolific cartoonist, Tommy Siegel.

Totalement Sublime

Avant / Experimental / Electronic | Montréal, Canada | Listen to: Manteau d'ardoise

The latest endeavor from Marc-Antoine Barbier (Choses Sauvages), Élie Raymond, and Thomas Bruneau-Faubert (Foreign Diplomats); eclectic arrangements drawing inspiration from 80s Japanese music icons (Yasuaki Shimizu, Ryuichi Sakamoto), as well the New York avant-garde (Philip Glass, Arthur Russell, Gray)


Rock / Alternative | Los Angeles, USA | Listen to: moved along

LA-based 5-piece whose shimmering alt rock has garnered a dedicated fan base of “wilters” in less than a year and a half.

Winona Fighter

Punk / Pop Punk | Nashville, USA | Listen to: HAMMS IN A GLASS

Pop punk driven by a mission to “create punk music that is accessible and accepting to all music lovers.”


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