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Revive the Rose Drops "Need You Now"

By: Gemma Mastroianni

Niagara-based rock band Revive the Rose is back with a brand new single and video titled, "Need You Now."

The hard-hitting rock song was produced by John Angus of The Trews, singer Andy Colonico's favourite band. They were just finishing up a session with Angus when guitarist Matt Cookson suggested they revisit the track, originally titled "Need You Bad." Angus then insisted that they move forward with the song.

Although the song was written pre-covid, the theme ended up being very fitting for the times we find ourselves in. The music video was shot in a car storage unit, and definitely brings up feelings of nostalgia with a bit of comedy!

The song is bigger, better, and potentially one of the edgier singles they have released thus far. Expect intense vocals, guitar solos with a crunch, and steady bass.

Expect more from Revive the Rose in the late spring.

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