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Laneway Festival 2023 - The Best Travelling Festival for All Concert Goers

It's hard to believe that it has been two years since the last St Jerome’s Laneway Music Festival took place, but the wait is finally over. Coming in hot with a star-studded lineup, Laneway Festival 2023 is ready to host a memorable 16th year of the event, travelling between New Zealand and Australia.

Kicking off in New Zealand, the festival will begin in Auckland on January 30th, followed by Brisbane on February 4th, Sydney on February 5th, Adelaide on February 10th, Melbourne on February 11th; closing out the festival in Perth on February 12th.

If a travelling festival hasn’t already caught your attention, wait until you hear about this lineup.

This festival is making noise, with headliners Haim, Joji and Phoebe Bridgers, a diverse group of performers who have all finished up their personal tours in the past year. If those names didn't turn your head, the second line of this festival is beyond impressive, adding Finneas, Fontaines D.C., Girl in Red, Slowthai and Turnstile to its lineup.

Evidently, Laneway strives to add multiple genres that create an all-encompassing tour, adding hyper pop with the 100 Gecs, indie with The Backseat Lovers and even rap with local talent and rising artist, Tasman Keith.

There is an artist for everyone to go see and with dates fast approaching, the festival approving a 16+ age minimum in all Australian cities, for the second time ever (please see Laneway’s Youth Policy for Each City Here) makes this festival appealing for both youth and all festival goers alike. (insert their Instagram post here so you can see the lineup)

With the festival kicking off in two months, if you have not purchased your tickets already, we highly recommend purchasing them as soon as you can. Tickets are currently no longer on sale in Auckland but are in Tier 3 in all Australian cities so act as fast as you can!

Laneway Festival 2023 is not an event you want to miss and we cannot wait to see this legendary lineup perform.

Purchase tickets on Laneway’s website here

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Written by Kianna Sumitani


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