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Turnover at The Danforth Music Hall | Photos and Review

Turnover returned to Toronto on November 8th to perform at the Danforth Music Hall. This was the first time that the band has played in the city since their 2019 RBC Echo Beach performance at famed Toronto chef Matty Matheson’s festival MattyFest.

Turnover kicked off the show with "Tears of Change", which was an interesting choice for an opening track given its slower tempo. This song's pristinely clean lead guitar lines stood out most to me.

The crowd came alive for the track "Cutting My Fingers Off." The rhythm section was locked in, and singer Austin Getz’s lead vocals were noticeably more present. The bridge section featuring reverb-drenched guitars and a big snare roll made for a great build-up into the final chorus.

In the song "Humble Pleasures", bass guitarist Danny Dempsey’s performance stood out strong, holding down a steady, gritty low-end grove. The following track "Pure Devotion" was an all-around great performance from the band. The song sounded exactly like the recording.

An interesting aspect of Turnover’s show was their heavy use of fog machines in which at times, the fog was so thick that you could hardly see the band onstage. The lighting throughout the concert was dynamic, syncing well with the vibe of each track. This culminated in a really enjoyable, hazy atmosphere for attendees.

One of the biggest highlights of the concert would undoubtedly be the band’s performance of Dizzy on the Comedown as the band’s second last song. Readers who are familiar with this song know how catchy the vocal hook is in this tune, and the audience was singing along with every word. As I stood in the back of the concert hall, I could see a plethora of cell phones fly up to capture the moment.

Overall, I really enjoyed Turnover’s set, and would definitely see them again given the opportunity. Their sound had me reminiscing about 1990s midwestern emo rock. For fans of indie rock, Turnover is a show you don’t want to miss. Their most recent album is called Myself in the Way and can be streamed on Spotify here.

Photos by Gemma Mastroianni

Review written by Jared Burke



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