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Trying new Wines with Rigour & Whimsy

Rigour & Whimsy is a BC winery located in Okanagan Falls. It is owned by husband and wife team Costa & Jody Gavaris, and their son Stratis. They currently focus on amber or orange wines as well as Gamay.

Costa & Jody's approach to wine growing is centered in regenerative farming, which means increasing biodiversity, enriching soils, improving watersheds, and enhancing ecosystem resilience. They believe that responsible agriculture involves building topsoil and minimizing external inputs and disturbances to the rich microbiome of the soil.

I was grateful to try the Rigour and Whimsy 2019 Hyperdrive, and the 2019 Gamay Noir. If you know me, I have a history of being more of a craft beer kind of girl. I still love craft beer, but have recently taken an interest in exploring different types of wine, and I am so excited that I could begin my journey with Rigour & Whimsy. I am certainly not a wine connoisseur just yet, but I will give you my thoughts on each bottle.

The 2019 Hyperdrive was very unique, unlike any other white wine I have ever tried. For some white wines, I find the after taste to be quite potent or way too sweet, but this was smooth and fruity in a way that was not overwhelming. It's perfect for sitting outside in the sun paired with some fruit, or even making a sangria. I really enjoyed this wine, and cannot wait to order more.

As for the 2019 Gamay Noir, I was so surprised by this one. I have never tasted a red wine like this in my life! I actually find red wine also to be sometimes a bit overwhelming with the taste as it can be very strong, but again, this one was light to the taste! It is fruity and light, and also is great in a sangria form (I mixed it with blueberries, sprite, and a bit of Greenhouse Farma-C.) I'm obsessed with this one.

Right now, it is more important than ever to be supporting local businesses across our country. I am so happy I could begin my new journey with wine with Rigour and Whimsy, and I can't wait to try more. I encourage you to try these wines, along with some others from their online store which you can access here.

I have also created a playlist inspired by my experience and moods while enjoying these wines, so I encourage you to try them and vibe out to these tunes.

The name Rigour & Whimsy is an homage to their shared commitment to seeking balance in themselves, in their relationships, and in the natural world. Like yin and yang, Rigour and Whimsy are seemingly contrary attitudes that are actually complementary and interdependent. Both are necessary to find harmony.

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