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The Soundtrack Live presents Tallies, Nyssa, Blue Material, and Bonnie Trash at Lee's Palace

Experience the Best of indie music with Tallies, Nyssa, Bonnie Trash, and Blue Material at Lee's Palace.

Mark your calendars for the second edition The Soundtrack Live featuring the rising talents of Tallies, Nyssa, Bonnie Trash, and Blue Material.

In addition to the fantastic lineup of musical acts, there will also be unique vendors and a photo display from The Soundtrack photographers, giving attendees the opportunity to immerse themselves in the full experience of the indie music scene.

Check out more information on the artists playing below:


Tallies, a band from Toronto, Canada, is known for their dreamy soundscapes and lush harmonies. Coming out of Toronto, this indie pop band was formed by lead singer and guitarist Sarah Cogan and guitarist Dylan Franklin, with Cian O’Neill on drums.

TALLIES defies all expectations with their latest album “Patina” featuring single “No Dreams of Fayres.” It is both a direct continouatikn of the bands sound and an evolution into a stronger, wiser, and more mature version of TALLIES.


Next, we have Nyssa, a Toronto-based artist known for her ethereal sound and emotive lyrics. Her show is filled with a ton of energy and a big sound. Check out her latest releases here.

Blue Material

We're excited to welcome Montreal based band Blue Material for their Toronto debut. Created by Thom Gullies (co-founder of Vesuvio Solo, former member of TOPS), the band is currently working on finishing the second LP with long-time friend, collaborator, and bassist Scott Mallory.

Check out their latest EP "You're Doing All The Talking" here.

Bonnie Trash

Bonnie Trash is the darkened shoegaze/post-punk drone project of twin sisters Emmalia and Sarafina Bortolon-Vettor. Their 2022 debut album Malocchio unspools a real-life horror story based onthe stories told to them by their Italian grandmother. Over heavy, hypnotic riffs, pounding drums and spooky soundscapes, the lyrics pull the listener into the meaning of the "evil eye." Sonically, it connects threads between metal, post-punk, shoegaze, and gothic rock.

This is going to be another event you won't want to miss. Lee's Palace is the perfect venue for experiencing the best of indie music, and Tallies, Nyssa, Bonnie Trash and Blue Material are sure to deliver an unforgettable night.

Don't wait – get your tickets now at .


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