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The Beaches at HISTORY

The Beaches played two highly anticipated hometown shows in Toronto at HISTORY a couple of weeks back.

The Blue Stones opened up the night.

Check out the photos below shot and edited by Katrina Lat:

The Beaches

The Blue Stones


  1. Late Show

  2. Bad Behaviour

  3. Snake Tongue

  4. Want What You Got

  5. Grow Up Tomorrow

  6. Desdemona

  7. Let's Go

  8. Back of My Heart

  9. My People

  10. Good For A While

  11. You Don't Owe Me Anything

  12. Fascination

  13. Moment

  14. T-Shirt

  15. Kinkade

  16. Highway 6

  17. Maneater

  18. Blow Up

  19. Money

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