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The Antlers at The Great Hall

The Antlers returned to Toronto at The Great Hall on June 3rd. This was their first time back in the city since they played "Hospice" from front-to-back in 2019.

With The Antlers being one of my absolute favourite bands, this was a very special show that I've been looking forward to for several months. Following these last couple of challenging years with minimal live music, it was extremely rewarding and even slightly surreal to see and photograph one of the most beautiful live shows you can see these days.

When the show began, singer Peter Silberman welcomed us to join the "journey" we were about to endure, and that it certainly was. He took us through the eclectic catalogue of The Antlers by playing a few songs from each album at a time, allowing the audience to morph into the emotions and vibes each album portrays.

As expected, this was one of the most beautiful shows I've seen in awhile. If you get the chance to see The Antlers, you've got to go. Check out my photos below:

On a side-note- their three for $75 vinyl deal was pretty sweet - other bands, take note.

All photos and review by Gemma Mastroianni


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