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Ten Songs To Enjoy Your Legal Marijuana With

By: Staff

It’s been just about three months since good old Mary Jane’s been legal in Canada…and we stand on guard for thee (no pun intended). Lets get wavy. Ranging in a variety of tunes from production-based lo-fi to dream-like indie to new wave hip-hop with an old-school sound, this list will have you ready to kick it with yours truly.

1.) Blunts - Shamana

This one’s a mood setter for certain. Blunts crawls to a slow start, beginning with the sound of a lighter being flicked. As it progresses the layers of unique sound build upon each other. If you pay close attention you will only notice a few more subtle sounds that may be heard yourself during a typical session smoking the ganja.

2.) 4EVER – Clairo

Synth, drum and snare are key elements in 4EVER. The song has a pretty basic, yet catchy and feel-good rhythm that’s easy to find yourself swaying along to. Clairo’s dreamy and easy to follow voice will have you humming along through the chorus too. This groovy track will put your head in the clouds.

3.) Warm Thoughts – Flume

Taking it back a bit to 2012, Warm Thoughts is a must-listen classic from Flume’s self-entitled debut album. This one is production-based in nature, featuring remixed vocals, soothing bass and a piano-based melody that you’ll be sure to vibe with. The title of the song gives you a feel for the state of mind you’ll be in when you’re finished with it.

4.) Cosurmyne- Jungle

Jungle’s got it going on with the classic groove sound heard in Cosurmyne. Another piano-based melody, Jungle also has you feeling it with grainy yet velvety vocal samples alongside some smooth brass elements. Listen closely and see if you can figure out where the song title originates (Hint: your friend who incessantly uses short-forms and incorrect spelling in text messages might be able to help you out).

5.) The Mint (feat. Navy Blue) – Earl Sweatshirt

This Odd Future original member just dropped a new album in December entitled Some Rap Songs. Featured on the new album, the song entitled The Mint is a personal favourite. Earl is heard spitting rhymes with ease over an old school beat. The beat repeats over the entire course of the song but some how never gets old. A combination of chime-like sound and a gritty overlay make this track one you want to keep coming back for.


A Jazzy brass melody begins this song and lays the basis for what remains of the course of STAINS. It becomes easy to nod your head along as the beat drops and hip-hop group BROCKHAMPTON has you encaptured in the rhythm and the rhyme. As different members of the self-proclaimed ‘Boy Band’ lay down the lyrics over this track you’ll be ready to hit repeat, and to hit the joint.

7.) Feels Like We Only Go Backwards – Tame Impala

It’s hard to imagine that people might disagree that Tame Impala is a classic band to listen to while you smoke weed. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards, with its’ slow pace and notably low bass guitar tune will surely put you in the mood and keep it going. With its’ psychedelic sounds, this track is ingenious in its simplicity.

8.) Potato Salad (feat. A$AP Rocky) – Tyler, The Creator

In Potato Salad Tyler and A$AP lay down clever rhymes over the crackling of what sounds like a classic hip-hop beat being spun on a record player. This dynamic duo gets it done with their ability to get out witty verses, using specific pronounciation of words where appropriate to keep the rhymes flowing. Keep your ears open for those lyrics and check out the music video for some fun visuals.

9.) Chamber of Reflection – Mac DeMarco

A fellow Canadian, this is another artist that may undeniably be a staple to pass the joint around to. Chamber of Reflection starts off with a synth type tune and continues with another ongoing synth as the song progresses. A slow tempo and Mac’s lo-fi style voice create a very specific aura.

10.) Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe – Kendrick Lamar

In the creation of this list Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe was the first song that came to mind, and so it easily takes first place. It’s hard to imagine another lyric more suiting for any situation that might present itself while you’re just trying to chill out. As King Kendrick says, “I am a sinner, who’s probably going to sin again”, you might just be about to take another puff of the ‘devil’s lettuce’.

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