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Tracks that'll get you jacked since you probably haven't kept up with your New Years Resolution

By: James Dallimore

So your New Year’s resolution of getting back in shape hasn’t gone exactly the way you planned. In other words, you haven’t started- and now it’s February. Everyone is going to make excuses for themselves as it’s far too easy to tell yourself you’ll go tomorrow.

I'm here to tell you that, there is hope. You need motivation and I’ve got it for you. How often do you walk into the gym and HATE the music that’s playing? For me it’s one hundred percent of the time. Finding the right playlist can be difficult with all the tracks you will inevitably want to skip. I’ve found the songs that will perfectly suit the type of workout you’re doing along with the all-important cool down that follows.

Cardio: Song 1). Kickstart My Heart – Mötley Crüe

No, I'm not writing this for your dad. This is one of the ultimate jogging songs. Grab your headphones, throw on your sneakers, and pound that pavement. You'll notice an increase in your pace when the main riff kicks in.

Song 2). Song of Solomon – Animals As Leaders

You’re on your morning jog and you approach the bottom of what appears to be an indomitable hill. You’re starving for air when this track clicks on immediately with desperately strummed chords driving you to your goal of finally reaching the top without stopping. You reach its peak when the triumphant guitar solo triggers the runner’s high as you float back down to earth.

Weight Lifting: Song 1). Lost in the Static – After The Burial

Work was really tough today. Next person who looks at you funny is getting stomped. That means it’s leg day. This track has a classic metalcore lead and rhythm played a perfect mid-pace for badass flexing, so you can stomp the leg press instead.

Song 2). Fistfull of Steel and Freedom– Rage Against the Machine

If someone was making a “Top Ten Workout Songs” list, these two tracks would be a mandatory feature as one spot on the list and are an amazing one-two punch when you hit the red zone. Wilk’s drumming and Commerford’s bass are the main drivers of what makes any Rage song great for lifting. Download these two on Spotify and add them to your playlist.

Cool Down: Song 1). Lymarks – FORQ

In my opinion, this is the most important part of you workout. Without proper music, your cool down will suck, to put it bluntly. Glimmering keyboard synths with a catchy smooth bass hook helps to ease you back into reality once God Mode has worn off. Get stretching!

Song 2). Grace – Clairmont The Second

This is the one you listen to on your way home. Grace is quiet and introspective; a perfect song for reflecting on your workout, your progress, and planning the next one. Keep at it and remember that you are loved.

The tracks listed here range from a fast tempo for cardio, mid-paced heavy grooves for lifting, and slower, easier listening tracks for cooling down. I will be creating a collaborative play list for Spotify and all may add whatever tracks they like.


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