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Saving your Stash

I think it’s safe to say that many of us have been indulging a bit more throughout quarantine. Perhaps you’ve been snacking on more treats, drinking more alcohol, online shopping, or even smoking more cannabis. I think we are living in very difficult times and it’s totally cool to give a bit more into things that bring us pleasure, but too much of anything can eventually be not so good for a variety of different reasons.

In terms of Cannabis specifically, it has so many wonderful benefits for many people ranging from pain and anxiety relief, to just adding some fun to a good night with friends. With that said, I think during times like these where we have so much time on our hands, perhaps you have found yourself going through your stash a little quicker (which is totally fine), but maybe the effects of cannabis are becoming a little less strong. I have a solution for you, and that is Ouid.

I discovered Ouid on Instagram during my quarantine journey. Ouid is a Toronto based female and black-owned business for all your cannabis micro-dosing needs. They have created a variety of different herbal smoking blends (there is no cannabis in these) that you can add to your cannabis to minimize the intensity of the weed while adding other benefits as well.

Add your preferred herbal mixture to your smoking accessory, and go ahead! Here are the different blends:


Need a lift? Awaken your senses with this revitalizing blend. Featuring tulsi, peppermint, and gotu kola, these powerhouse herbs are known for their ability to spark and support energy and creativity. Stimulating without being too overwhelming, it’s the perfect pick-me-up. Bouquet: fresh, cool, bright Tasting notes: hints of pepper and clove, slight minty sweetness, lingering menthol tingle Terpenes: pinene, limonene Uplift Ingredients:mullein, gotu kola, uva ursi, red raspberry leaf, tulsi, peppermint.

Recommended activities: Hike, biking, or swimming.

Shop the Ouid Uplift Blend


Set the mood with this sensual blend. Embrace pleasure with the support of herbs like lavender, red raspberry and damiana, known for their ability to promote circulation and improve sensitivity. Use anytime you want to connect. Bouquet: floral, woodsy, warm Tasting notes: smooth, mildly spicy, hints of malt and smokey citrus Terpenes: limonene, linalool Arouse ingredients red raspberry leaf, damiana, lavender, catnip, calendula, lady’s mantle, passionflower.

Recommended activities: Cuddling, bathing, or sitting by the campfire.

Shop The Ouid Arouse Blend


Chill out with this soothing and nurturing blend. Calm your body, ease your mind, and unwind with the support of mellow herbs such as catnip and chamomile, known for their ability to support relaxation. Perfect for anytime you need to wind down. Bouquet: earthy, herbaceous, slightly sweet Tasting notes: soothing taste of chamomile, hints of citrus and mint Terpenes: linalool, myrcene Relax Ingredients catnip, marshmallow, mugwort, skullcap, lemon balm, chamomile, hops

Recommended activities: Mediation, watching a movie, or right before bed.

Shop the Ouid Relax Blend

I have tried all of these and can say that they are all lovely and actually add a really nice floral flavour to my experience. This is also really great for people who may have never tried cannabis before as the effects will not be nearly as strong! I highly recommend it. It is also perfect if you are trying to cut back on your consumption of cannabis because you can essentially half the amount that you typically smoke while experiencing brand new effects- and the sizes are perfect! They will last quite a while. You totally get a bang for your buck!

If you want to look even cooler while having your sesh, be sure to pick up some of their chic accessories. Support local, and support black-owned. Check out Ouid!

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