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Q&A w/ Gemma + Wellness Tips from Catherines Cabinet | Wavy ep. 12

By: Gemma Mastroianni

You asked, and I answered! During the first half of this episode, I answer all of your questions you asked me on Instagram! During the second portion, I chat with Catherine Sugrue.

Catherine is a certified Holistic Nutritionist and offers her tips for staying both mentally and physically healthy during isolation. Check out her website.

Catherine has also been featured/appeared in a number of online and in-person events – including the Harbourfront Hot & Spicy Food Festival, The National Women’s Show, The National Post, Live Daytime TV segments in Toronto, Peterborough, Kingston, and Ottawa, as well as numerous workshops.

Some of her previous roles include: Chief Operations Officer for, a leading international lifestyle blog with contributors around the globe, Veeva Happiness Ambassador, Community Manager and Practitioner for Sexy Food Therapy and Nutritional Consultant for several businesses within the health and wellness industry.

Check out the episode on Apple and Spotify.


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