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Premiere: Cigar Club unveils 'Homesick'

By: Gemma Mastroianni

The Soundtrack is excited to exclusively premier 'Homesick' by Toronto based Indie Rock band, Cigar Club.

The brand new single begins off with soft acoustics, with soft but intense progression throughout the track. While listening, you can't help but admire the soft vocals, with a hint of a reminder of Chris Cornell's vocals. Although the vocals don't stray much from one tone, the emotion and sorrow is evidently there, and it compliments the detailed instrumentals perfectly. If the vocals were anything more, it would be a bit oversaturated. Overall, production is perfectly balanced from a vocal to instrumental ratio.

Once reaching about three minutes in, guitar becomes heavier and you get more of a 90's rock and roll vibe, straying away from the main focus of acoustics. I personally love that this song progresses and becomes heavy, but you still get those acoustics from the beginning of the song. There are also moments where tempo is nearly brought down to silence, allowing you to take in the intensity of the previous licks.

Cigar Club absolutely killed this track. Production, songwriting, and overall sound is incredibly sharp. I'm excited to hear a studio version to hear even more detail on the intricate instrumentals.This is truly just the beginning, and I'm so excited to see what else they're going to be bringing to the table.


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