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Overcoming the Slump

By: Gemma Mastroianni

I can't be the only one who has felt constantly in and out of a creative slump over these past two very draining years. I go through periods of creative bliss and euphoria where I feel an overwhelming amount of motivation and inspiration with a huge go getter attitude.Then suddenly, days after that, I draw a blank and feel nothing at all.

When there is no end in sight, it's increasingly difficult to maintain motivation. With that said, I try to take advantage of the moments where I do feel upbeat and I do my best to get back on the horse. Although these things are difficult, there are definitely some things I do to try and beat the slump.

I've mentioned previously on my podcast how I love to capture content about my experiences, so it has certainly been a challenge at times maintaining my creativity on this platform. However, I feel accomplished for doing my best to keep up with it all, and find inspiration in other forms.

Here is a playlist I've made to help inspire moments of bliss and creativity. Click here to listen or check it out below:

The power of music is underestimated, as it can truly alter your mood. The power of a beat, bass, and lyricism is amazing. I hope this mix can make you feel like the sun is shining, and inspire something deeper within you. It features electrifying indie-pop, a bit of techno-house, and some up-beat alternative rock of course.


Recently, I have found that citrus is actually bringing more buzz to me than coffee! I've been eating lots of Grapefruit and Oranges and I love the kick I get from it. I've also been using Citrus Dreams from Saje in my diffuser which helps wake me up and feel energized.


I've been using my to-do list and calendar on my phone for the past few years, but there's something that hits different by using an actual planner. I just purchased this one from Indigo and I found it's been really helping me keep on task over the past few days. Planners help keep you on track, inspire, and look forward. Having a nice booklet with a pretty design helps too.


I've always been an advocate for journaling. The power of bringing your thoughts to life on paper is more than one would expect and it's helped me through the highs and lows throughout the years. With that said, I've never purchased a journal that has writing prompts. I just purchased a Five Minute Journal from Indigo and can't wait to get started!


As much as we may want to feel happy and accomplish things as often as possible, it's freeing to accept that it is simply unrealistic. Giving yourself the necessary time to re-charge and understand that highs and lows are necessary to maintain yourself as opposed to feeling pressure from feeling off.


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