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Osheaga Style Guide

By: Aram Eginliyan

It’s undeniable that this crazy beautiful world we live in has its rules, rules of social etiquette, rules of what it means to be “ x y or z” and undeniably, the rules we set for ourselves when it comes to the way we dress. With that said, there are very few moments where those rules on the way we dress (often ones we set out for ourselves) don't exist - that my friends is festival season!

Having had the pleasure of attending Osheaga in Montreal last summer and on top of that, it being my very first festival, I had no idea what to expect when it came to the expression and fun that people have when it comes to festival fashion. You can form some sort of an idea with Instagram and Pinterest feeding you all kinds of inspiration, but actually being there, seeing the care free, non-judgement and undeniable fun that people have when it comes to creating a look for a music festival really boils down to one thing: The only rule when it comes to dressing for a music festival, especially one as big as Osheaga, is that THERE ARE NO RULES - except have fun with the way that you dress! Now that isn’t to say that it is completely anarchy through style at festivals in any way.

Many times the looks you see have taken a lot of very specific curation and planning to execute. For example the coordination of colours, the level of layering and still infusing the element of functionality are all things that still need to be considered when preparing the perfect festival look! After all, you’re still under the summer sun and that is never the time to compromise functionality for purely aesthetic purposes.

I also found that Osheaga and festival fashion in general gives you the opportunity to truly let your freak flag fly, and trust me that is NEVER a bad thing but it’s even more acceptable when everyone around you is also doing their own thing. For further clarification, this is the chance for those crazy, unconventional pieces you have had sitting in your closet that you just can’t wear to your regular trip to the grocery store are able to really be showcased.

In my experience, I was finally able to wear this amazing vegan leather bionic elbow length cuff that I’ve been dying to wear and didn’t feel out of place in any way. So trust me folks, if you have that piece (or in my case pieces) that you only wear for very out their occasions, save them and build your festival looks around them because. Festival season is the time to really make those pieces shine and not worry about the regular societal norms of fashionable acceptance of mundane life.

With all of that said, I think that every festival outfit should have some must have features:

1) Ample sleeve exposure and body ventilation

2) A bag (either for you or your group) for the essentials like sunscreen and water


4) Accessories until the days end If your look can incorporate at least two if not all of the above you are going to be well on your way to making a fashionable slash this festival season.

Oh! And don't forget to have fun because thats what festival season is ALL about!

If you haven't gotten your Osheaga tickets yet, what are you waiting for? This year's lineup is absolutely killer. See the lineup below and grab your single day or weekend passes ASAP!

According to Phil Vanden Brande, Senior Manager of Public and Media Relations with Evenko, this year will be one for the books,"We always put on the best events possible. Whether its new or coming back again this year, festival goers that know Evenko will know that they can expect everything to be top notch..”

Be sure to check out Aram's personal styling business, The Fashion Hotline, for all your styling needs.


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