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November Music Horoscopes

By: Amanda McMillan

Scorpio season is in full swing, and there is plenty to look forward to, and look out for. After the transformative journey of Libra season, it’s time to see where Scorpio’s emotional, mysterious, ambitious vibes will take us.

Yes, there’s a Mercury retrograde passing through until November 20th, so there may be some mix-ups or tech issues. But, no fear. These cycles are here to teach us patience, understanding, and to have a sense of humour when things don’t go as planned. Shit happens!

An overarching theme for the month is about looking at the big picture. Get out of the details, and your own projections or reactive tendencies, star friends. Where are you headed? What are your priorities? How can you be more you this month? Look out for slipping into comfortable patterns that don’t always serve you. Stay uncomfortable, keep your eyes open, and see what Scorpio season has in store for you.

You’re a little go-getter, and enjoy sprinkling your Aries magic just about everywhere. That’s what we love about you! But you don’t have to act or react to everything, dear Ram. Sit with how you’re feeling, see where your inspiration takes you, let the process take shape and guide you. It may feel like something is stuck, but instead of trying to force it free, spend some time decoding why it’s not working for you. Not everything can be tackled or understood by pure instinct. Be meticulous. But be open to shifts in perspective. It will all make sense to you soon.

Recommended album: Wild - Tourist (2019)

Pay attention to: “Bunny”. This is an instrumental album, but there’s something dreamy about this track. Let yourself feel dreamy, let your mind wander. Epiphanies often come to us when we stop trying to problem solve and just let our imagination take over.

This month will be about trusting what you’ve learned and moving in the direction that’s best for you, dear Taurus, rather than succumbing to temptations. This may be an intense and emotional process, but keeping your eyes looking ahead instead of getting distracted is good practice for you. Can you practice patience? If so, how? Can you be present? Where do you go when you need to escape and find yourself? Think about these things, be mindful, and intentional in the decisions that you make. Don’t rush, but don’t fixate either. Things have a way of working themselves out if you wait, if you listen and most importantly, trust.

Recommended album: If You Wait - London Grammar (2013)

Pay attention to: “Nightcall”. This stunning cover of Kavinsky’s 2010 hit famously from the movie Drive feels more like a lullaby than a heart-stopping dance track. Notice the subtlety, the nuances, the way lead singer Hannah Reid’s haunting vocals make you feel. Search for that feeling when you want to revert to old habits. Let it guide you forward.

Like the social butterfly you are, sweet Gemini, you love to try new things and get out there and do stuff! But be mindful of how much load you carry, and seek out moments of balance and tranquility. This will allow you to reconnect with your goals, and identify the areas that perhaps you need a little help with. Use your natural ability to bring people together, connect, and bond in order to create a network around you that feels unstoppable! Be intentional about who you surround yourself with. Because you’re easy to get along with, you may attract some people who aren’t quite the best fit to help you get to where you’re headed. Open yourself up to new perspectives and see how they complement your creativity and sense of self. When it feels right, you’ll know. Trust your instincts.

Recommended album: Eve - Rapsody (2019)

Pay attention to: “Whoopi”. This song is the definition of a mood. If this doesn’t give you confidence and have you feeling yourself, nothing will. The whole album is a collection of songs about some of the most iconic women in history. Use that as a guiding light when surrounding yourself with people who inspire you.

It’s very easy, perhaps even comfortable, for Cancers to retreat into the protectiveness of their shell when things feel confusing or overwhelming. Especially when those things are related to your relationships, and drawing boundaries can feel an awful lot like retreating. Sometimes instead of searching outside of yourself to understand others’ perspectives, you may be quick to only see things through your own experience and world. Try to step out of your shell and feel the world from outside of it. You’re so lucky to have a built-in home, but you gotta get out more! You’re braver, stronger, and savvier than you give yourself credit for, friend! Get curious, ask questions, and trust that fellow scuttle-y, water sign Scorpio’s got your back.

Recommended album: All Mirrors - Angel Olsen (2019)

Pay attention to: “Lark.” The first minute and sixteen seconds of this song is gentle, and calming, and feels a little like being inside your own shell. But when the drums come in, and Angel Olsen’s voice crescendos? That’s the feeling to chase this month.

You may be feeling like you’ve lost a little of your balance lately, feeling less like the grown ass lion you are and more like a little cub. Don’t worry your gorgeous mane any longer, because Scorpio season is here to course correct and have you feeling stable and strong once again. Take stock of your goals, your resources, and the groundwork you’ve been laying for your future. How have you been self-protecting or guarding? Where have you been generous and open? It may be tempting to sidle up to Scorpio’s mysterious ways, but you’re a charmer, dear Leo. You work so much better with others, showing off your fiery goodness. Try to let people in on your master plans, it may surprise you what inspiration can come from opening up.

Recommended album: Fear/Nothing - The Belle Game (2017)

Pay attention to: “Spirit”. Listen to this song with your eyes closed. What do you see? What does it do to your heart? Whatever it is, that’s what you’re looking for this month.

Scorpio season promises to bring winds of change for you, Virgo! This may sound all well and good, but for people like you who crave plans, and details, and process this can be a little disorienting or overwhelming. Fret not, my Earth angels. This is set to be a time where you can allow all the deep, powerful emotions that have been whirring within guide you toward new ambitions and areas of focus. Try to avoid getting caught up in the why’s and how’s of it all, your favourite place to be, and let the road open up in front of you. Scorpio is a Water sign, after all. So let it flow!

Recommended album: Morningside - Fazerdaze (2017)

Pay attention to: “Little Uneasy”. Yeah, maybe that’s how you’ve been feeling. But that’s all part of your growth! And things are about to change for you. Hear it in consistency of the beat, the twang of the guitar solo, and the airiness of the vocals. Let your shoulders sway, tap your foot, throw in some air guitar. You do you!

You’re definitely on to something, sweet balance-seekers! Your season brought you a sense of harmony and a deeper understanding of where you’re headed and what you’re looking to achieve. You’re learning, you’re processing, and you’re ready to conquer hunny! Try not to get swept up in appeasing everyone around you, a natural position you put yourself in. It’s okay to rely on yourself and figure things out without having to carry the weight of other people’s thoughts and feelings. Trust your instincts, and your natural sense of logic and justice to guide you toward your next adventure. The unknown can be unnerving but look inward to find the confidence you harbour - you’ve got nothing to lose.

Recommended album: Oncle Jazz - Men I Trust (2019)

Pay attention to: “All Night”. This song is like sitting in a warm, hot bath. Simmer in it. Let everything fade away and just enjoy your own company!

Happy season, little Scorpios! We know you’re all bringing intensity to anything you put your mind to, and sometimes that means you can be reactive. This month, take time to gather information, reflect, and search for the bigger picture. The details can sometimes bog you down, a place you easily drift into in an attempt to feel a sense of control. Be mindful of this reality about yourself. If you find yourself rabbit-holing, take a step back. Breathe. Be present. Let your ambition be a leader, not a commander.

Recommended album: Merriweather Post Pavilion - Animal Collective (2009)

Pay attention to: “My Girls.” This entire album, and especially this song, evokes this feeling of just letting go. What would happen if you just let yourself be here, in this moment, listening to this song? Ground yourself, and let the chaos make sense.

You’ve benefited from the transformative nature of this past Libra season, my fiery friend. But just because you may feel like you’ve created some space and clarity, doesn’t mean you have to fill it all up again! You harness an incredible ability to spark passion in other people, but not everything is about you! Focus on feeling the space you’ve carved out for yourself. Let there be air, let there be stillness, let there be quiet. Take the pressure of yourself to be everything to everyone, and be the person you want to be for you.

Recommended album: Gravity - Pell (2019)

Pay attention to: “Petrichor.” In nature, petrichor is the smell of rain after a stint of hot weather. You know it, it’s earthy, and cleansing, and fresh. Yes, a song about rain that’s upbeat instead of sad! That’s a vibe you can grab onto!

If there’s anyone who believes they can handle it all, it’s you, dear Capricorn. Your trust in yourself and capacity for achievement are almost unparalleled in the zodiac. matter how much you may thrive under pressure, it’s easy to forget that a lot of that pressure is that which you put upon yourself. Take a look at your to-do list (we know you always have one!) and look at it through the lens of priority; prioritize it based on head, heart, and spirit. This is where you will get to know yourself. Indulge in this way of thinking this month - honour your joys and comforts just as much as you honour your work ethic.

Recommended album: French Kiwi Juice - FKJ (2017)

Pay attention to: “We Ain’t Feelin Time”. Kick back, relax, let the saxophone say something you’ve never heard before. What is it? Let it put your mind at ease.

There’s been a lot shifting, and changing for you this year, dear Aquarius. That’s caused you to confront some truths and perhaps even some losses that you’d wish you didn’t have to. It’s easy for you to rationalize and try to force a sense of order onto things, regardless of how abstract, irrational, or inexplicable those things are. Allow yourself the time and patience to meet your emotions, even though this is an uncomfortable ask of you. See how you can adapt to this space, what you can let go of, and what you can use to propel you forward. You have a way of existing ahead of yourself, and ahead of this world. Slow down, find your pace, take care. Your path will show itself.

Recommended album: Forever Turned Around - Whitney (2019)

Pay attention to: “Before I Know it.” This is a super short and simple song, and that’s what makes it so great. It’s about moving, and changing, but in a way that feels slow. It’s that paradox of seasons feeling long, but before you know it, they’re over. Everything happens in the time it’s meant to.

Ah, fellow Water sign, it feels nice to be wading in the Scorpio glow doesn’t it? It can feel a little too comfortable for some of you, allowing yourself to go with the flow and guide yourself solely on your intuition and your dreams. But this month is a time for some self-reflection. Take a step back, try to see what’s happening in the bigger picture. What’s present for you lately? What direction are you heading in? Take note of your current path, and see if it’s changed or needs changing. And if it does, that’s perfectly okay! Just do it with a sense of purpose, awareness, and sense of self. You’ve got this!

Recommended album: The Iceberg - Oddisee (2017)

Pay attention to: “Built by Pictures”. This is a song about figuring things out using your own ability to make sense of the world around you. It’s about being resourceful and finding your own way to succeed. It’s about trusting yourself to figure it out.


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