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Noah Cyrus at The Phoenix Concert Theatre | Photo Gallery

Noah Cyrus stopped at The Phoenix Concert theatre in Toronto as she approaches the end of her North American tour, in promotion of her latest album "The Hardest Part."

Gigi opened the evening.

All photos taken and edited by Lourdes Lasala:

Noah Cyrus



  1. Noah (Stand Still)

  2. Mr. Percocet

  3. Unfinished

  4. Liar

  5. The Best of You / The Worst of You

  6. Ready to Go

  7. All Three

  8. My Side of the Bed

  9. Every Beginning End

  10. Cowboy Take Me Away (The Chicks cover)

  11. I Got So High That I Saw Jesus

  12. Again

  13. I Just Want a Lover

  14. Loretta's Song / I'll Fly Awa

  15. I Burned LA Down

  16. Hardest Part

  17. July

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