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March Horoscopes with an album for your destiny

By: Alyssa Keighan

And, just like that: February is gone and we’re going headfirst into the third month of 2019 already! Or, maybe “body first” because with Mercury going into retrograde on March 5th, our head is going to feel like its way, way up in the clouds. But – don’t let this scare you! Float away, recharge, and give in to your daydreams and desires, because later in the month when the sun makes its way into Aries (on the same day as a full moon, no doubt) you’re going to get that surge of motivation you need that will bring you right back down to earth to go full kick-ass mode.

With such an intense month ahead of us, it’s only fair that we have an appropriate soundtrack that’ll get us through Mercury Retrograde, the New Moon on the 6th, and the transition into #AriesSzn.

Keep scrolling to see what the stars have in store for you this month, as well as a song which’ll become a staple in your soundtrack.


As we approach #AriesSzn at the end of March, you’re going to be focused on spoiling yourself and getting what you want – when you want it. This is completely okay and even if you’re not used to doing it, let your mind wander to think about some things that you really desire because they’re closer than you think. These desires don’t’ necessarily have to be material either – there are no limits! The stars are going to be in your corner this month, and as the sun shifts into Aries on the 20th you will reap the benefits that you’ve sowed.

Album for You: Thank You, Next, Ariana Grande (2019)

Song from the Album: 7 Rings

Because what else is going to capture the Aries energy more accurately? This whole album is an independent-i-don’t-need-anyone-but-me bop. Don’t knock it ‘till ya try it.


For you, this month is all about reconnection and stepping out of your comfort zone! Mercury will be in your house of friendship as it slips into retrograde, bringing back old friends and acquaintances. Have you been thinking about reconnecting with someone you miss? Now is the time! Don’t be afraid to shake up your routine a little, it’ll most definitely be worth it.

Album for You: Delta

Song from the Album: The Wild

Speaking of reconnecting, why don’t you reconnect with a band you used to love, too? Coming off of a 3-year hiatus, Mumford & Sons newest album is teeming with imagery about growth and renewal in life, all while presenting it with their classic, banjo-centered lush sound you know and love. They’re baaaack!


New moons are representative of a fresh start or new beginnings. The new moon on the 6th is in your career house, so March will be a month of hard work (and a little bit of stress) as you begin to lay the foundation for a new project. Not to fear though, because by the end of the month as we shift into Aries and Mercury goes direct once again, your workload will lighten as you begin to see payoff from your project, and you’ll start to feel a little bit more ~relaxed~

Album for You: The Plan, DaniLeigh

Song from the Album: The Plan

This trap inspired R&B album gives off serious bad bitch vibes, and DaniLeigh unapologetically sings your mantra for this month, Gemini: “No one can fuck with my bread”. This album will last you long past March. Thank u, NEXT.


Motivation is tough this month for you, Cancer. Perhaps you have the winter blues and are dreaming about being somewhere sunny, far away with a drink in your hand. Because of these warm-weathered fantasies, it’ll be a little bit difficult for you to get things done at the beginning of the month. However, when the sun moves into Aries on the 20th, you’ll snap back into reality and get. shit. done. So dream away, because balance is a good thing....right?

Album for You: Petit Biscuit, “Petit Biscuit” - Self Titled EP (2016).

Song from the Album: Sunset Lover

The album is a perfect compliment to your consistent, tropical daydreams, and Sunset Lover will make you feel like you’re on a beach even if you’re in the middle of a snowstorm with no jacket. Happy beaching!


In March, you will be making great progress in your work and personal life as you hone in on your natural, competitive edge. As a trailblazer and a leader, take advantage of the full moon in Libra on March 20th and expect to have productive, exciting, and perhaps heated conversations. Your communication abilities will be at its peak this day – and who knows – little surprises, gifts, and exciting news could be coming your way! Helllll yeah.

Album for You: When I Get Home, Solange (2019)

Song from the Album: Binz

Leo’s aren’t afraid to shake things up a bit, so why not listen to Solange’s new album this month? Her voice is soft and smooth, but somehow assertive as she blends elements of pop and jazz with contemporary R&B. This fusion makes the listening experience wholly unique, and is something that trendsetting Leo’s will love.


You seem a little bit bored, virgo. Time to try and shake things up a bit – which you will. Venus represents what we love, value, and take pleasure in, and with the planet being in the area of your chart that deals with daily routines, Venus will balance you out this month. Adventure is (finally) ahead! The new moon on March 6th will cause you to think deeply about how far you’ve come in 2019, and inspire you to dream even bigger for the rest of the year. Give in to your thoughts, as these dreams will lead to some really cool ideas you’ll wanna implement down the road. Cool.

Album for You: Swimming, Mac Miller (2018)

Song from the Album: Wings

Swimming, the last album from the late Mac Miller, is full of reflective and pensive lyrics that resonate more like poetry than a typical rap song. A wonderful fusion of elements from rap and jazz, its representative of the shakeup that the overthinking Virgo needs


In March, it’s time for the Libra to bring out their creative side! The new moon on the 6th urges you to embrace your creative desires. Literally anything: go to a concert, learn how to play an instrument, paint! Let this month be a fresh start for you, Libra. Make changes to your life that are a little bit selfish: think of you (and only you) for a change. You’ll thank yourself for the investment down the road.

Album for You: Flume, Flume (2012)

Song from the Album: Warm Thoughts

Is this an album that will inspire you to be creative or an album that will inspire you to smoke some weed? Doesn’t matter. Just listen to “Warm Thoughts” and everything else will fall into place...probably.


This month, Scorpio, you may lack a little bit of motivation. Mars, the planet of action, is opposite of your sign. Even though you’re extremely busy, you may feel a little bit like the energy you are putting into various aspects of your life, such as work and friends, is fruitless and you aren’t getting anywhere. Just be patient, because once the sun moves into Aries, you will get the resurgence of energy and motivation that you need. Keep pushin’ dude.

Album for You: Assume Form, James Blake (2019)

Song from the Album: Barefoot in the Park (feat. ROSALÌA)

James Blake combines gentle R&B vocals with electronic and rhythmic elements to create a sound that is wholly unique and haunting. This month, Scorpio, find solace in his newest album. Its calming, but there’s an indescribable edge to it – and is what you never knew you needed.


The combination of Mercury going into retrograde on the 5th and then a new moon a day later leaves for you an unspeakable need for change: something new! Classic to sags confident, luminous nature, your open-mindedness will being to you a chance to start something new as the universe pushes unto you a fresh start. If you were ever thinking about being bold, now is the time to do it. A fresh slate is yours. Embrace the retrograde!

Album for You: The Orchard, Ra Ra Riot (2010)

Song from the Album: Boy

Let this album be your ray of surf-rock sunshine and don’t let anyone convince you of anything different. Accurately reflecting the sunny personality of a Sagittarius, this is the only album you need in a month of fresh beginnings. Pro-Tip: Listen to “Boy” whenever you feel like dancing uncontrollably to a sweet guitar riff. Ur welcome.


Capricorn, in March you’ll shift your focus onto your friends and put more effort in reminding them that they’re loved and appreciated by spending quality time with them doing....whatever! This works out well for you in return, as you definitely feel the love right back from them. Focus on indulging in the people that matter to you, like friends and loved ones, rather than work right now. You will feel a lot more fulfilled. Promise!


Song from the Album: GUMMY

Since Capricorn is busy having fun and spending quality time with friends this month, its only fair to keep the party going by paying homage to boy band extraordinaire, BROCKHAMPTON. A group of dudes who are unbelievably talented and love each other like brothers? Plus fun beats and overall great music from the SATURATION trilogy? Yes. Yessss.


As winter starts to fade and summer looms on the horizon, your attention is beginning to wander and you seem to be in need of a slight break. Instead of daydreaming about a trip, actually arrange to go on one! When the sun moves into Aries on the 20th is the perfect time to do so, as your communication skills will be bolstered. Text some friends to start planning the getaway you all need.

Album for You: Little By Little, Lane 8 (2018)

Song from the Album: Little by Little

This melodic, eclectic album is perfect for eccentric Aquarius! It will serve as the inspiration you need to plan the perfect getaway. Also, this album just has good vibes all around. Nobody ever said you needed to STOP daydreaming while you plan, right?


As you revel in your birthday month, Pisces, there will be a shift in your outlook on the world. Perhaps you have been, at times, afraid to speak up for what you want? As the sun shifts into Aries on the 20th, you will suddenly feel like you will be able to narrow your focus, and you’ll be able to articulate your desires more clearly! Just take the leap of faith and begin your game plan – you won’t regret it. Trust.

Album for You: FM! Vince Staples, 2018

Song from the Album: FUN!

An album on the shorter side in terms of length, but it doesn’t leave you feeling lacking. Rather than the album this time Pisces, note the artist, Vince Staples, who is often outspoken about various topics such as social issues, people in the entertainment industry, and growing up in Long Beach, California. Take a cue from him: he’s one funny dude who isn’t afraid to speak up. For bonus content, peep his interview at Coachella, or his guest appearance on Hot Ones.

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