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Mac Demarco at Echo Beach

By: Gemma Mastroianni

Mac Demarco was the perfect show for a cool Fall evening at Echo Beach in Toronto last night. It was a smaller crowd for Echo Beach, but it made for an intimate setting for the show which many could appreciate.

He opened the show with "On The Level" from his most recent album, Here Comes The Cowboy. The crowd was grooving and Demarco and his band were evidently feeling it too as they grooved and danced to the track.

Mac explained to us that he woke up not feeling so great, but was now feeling better. He broke his guitar last-night and had to use a rental (pictured above.)

Many cigarettes were had throughout the set, but who is really surprised? It's a vibe at this point.

At one point, a fan threw a sandwich for Mac. He investigated the sandwich and discovered it was a Turkey sandwich. He had a couple of bites, enjoyed the moment, and whispered "Delicious" into the mic before continuing the set.

He played a variety of tracks from all of his albums including "Cooking Up Something Good," "Choo Choo," "Ode to Viceroy," "Rock and Roll Nightclub," "My Kind of Woman," and so much more.

If I had to pick, "Still Beating" was definitely my favourite performance. It was slowed down and re-constructed (as he did with a few other tracks) and he really took his time with this one. His vocals were exceptional, as he did a few extended vocal solo's.

Out of the four times I've seen Mac live, I'd say this was the most impressive performance. He was open and honest with the crowd about how he had been feeling that day, took the time to bond with the audience, and was evidently taking his time through each song, taking the time to actually feel each song. As mentioned earlier many songs were re-constructed which made for an even more eye-catching performance. Thanks Mac, see you next time!


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