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Lord Huron at Echo Beach

Lord Huron played Echo Beach last week for the Toronto stop of their 2022 tour, on a beautiful mid-week summer evening.

The LA-based band played a beautifully captivating show under the stars. Between the desert inspired stage set-up with glimmering lights that interacted with the music, to the bands use of the stage, and frontman Ben Schneider's energy, the show was nothing less of magnificent.

I saw Lord Huron about four years ago at Osheaga music festival and I remember all of the band members in suits, with a stage set-up that was very orchestral and dark. To see the stage be so desert inspired and colourful this time was an unexpected and exciting change. I also felt that Schneider and the band had a ton of more personality and seemed more comfortable than ever on stage with one another. Stage chemistry can truly change the perception of a concert dramatically- when you see the band having a good time, you have a good time.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the show was during the track "The Ghost on the Shore" when Schneider left stage and came back with a skeleton mask and deep red stage lighting. The mask was so extremely, with the jaw of it moving with each of his words. It really set a new mood for the show and the crowd seemed to be in awe.

First Aid Kit opened up the night (a beautiful pairing, what a treat!) Check out some photos taken and edited by Josiah Botting, and the setlist below:

Lord Huron

First Aid Kit

Lord Huron Setlist

  1. Not Dead Yet

  2. Fool for Love

  3. Hurricane (Johnnie's Theme)

  4. Mine Forever

  5. Ancient Names, Pt. I

  6. The Ghost on the Shore

  7. Wait by the River

  8. Secret of Life

  9. When the Night Is Over

  10. Love Me Like You Used To

  11. The World Ender

  12. Ancient Names, Pt. II

  13. I Lied

  14. La Belle Fleur Sauvage

  15. Meet Me in the Woods

  16. Setting Sun

  17. Ends of the Earth

  18. The Night We Met

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