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Listen: Cigar Club release "From a South East Asian Two Bedroom Condo"

By: Gemma Mastroianni

Toronto based rock band Cigar Club has blessed us on this very special day with a chilling new single, "From a South East Asian Two Bedroom Condo."

This year things feel different, once again. Typically I would hit up downtown Toronto and explore what it has to offer on this "holiday" but we are arguably more isolated than ever. In this weird time, we're in, this impactful single could not have come at a better one.

The song starts out quietly with a celestial sound effect and catchy soft guitar riff layered over, with crisp vocals added, setting the foundation of this intimate track with themes of beautifully painful nostalgia.

The lyrics are minimalistic however, they are placed strategically throughout the five-minute song. Each time they are repeated and layered on new instrumentals that continue to intensify and build up throughout the song allows you to take them in deeper, and truly feel the impact of this intimate song. Typically I love more lyrics and as much detail as possible, but this minimalistic approach and placement really allow the listener to digest them fully and appreciate them in different contexts.

The build-up in this track through the use of a Tibetan meditation bowl, drums that slowly intensify, electric guitar, gorgeous vocals, and haunting lyrics is chilling. It reminds of something that City and Colour could put out, but with a hard rock edge that you get closer to the end of the song,

“This song is a good example of our versatility in dynamics as a band. Not our common rocker, this song is very vibey. I would even consider it a rock/r&b hybrid.” -Jeff Lefort

“This ones surely for the lovers out there. Touching vocals, deep lyrics, the whole works. Personally, this song was a challenge for me to connect with while recording because we had just recorded a bunch of hard rock songs. I had to strip down to my skivvies in the studio (eternal apologies to Darren and Matt) to feel grounded enough to tap into the celestial vibe of this track. I think it sounds great”. -Dan Amato

When you listen to this song make sure to sit back, relax, and give it a few listens. There is so much beauty and detail that was put into this and I can promise that you will enjoy taking it all in. Stay tuned for their album coming out next month- you won't be disappointed.


Do you recall,

So long ago?

Before things became so hard to hold

I was passed out on your kitchen floor

And woke up to you gone

Oh, I’ve been here before

Its not alright for me to want you more

Now im lying on your kitchen floor

Your bed is hot and honesty’s a whore

I can’t be great on my own

But I just can’t keep going

I cant pretend that it’s good

Like my friend said I should

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