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Her's at The Drake Hotel

By: Alex Rodobolski

Score: 7/10

photo by Emma Swann

Liverpool’s Her’s made their Canadian debut at The Drake Underground on March 5th. The duo was met with a deservingly warm welcome from fans that had likely been dying to see this band since their first album was released.

Her’s’ first full-length release only dates back to 2017, so the pair are still a relatively young band. This youthful quality definitely shines through when they’re on stage. The show felt like we’d been invited to hang out with our good friends while they mess around and jam with their band. In a lot of ways, this was a really fun experience. The care-free feeling being portrayed on stage allowed the audience to let loose and bop along with Her’s.

On the other, unfortunate hand, it’s pretty evident that the duo doesn't have as much experience under their belt as other, more established acts. For the first few songs, their back-and-forth banter was endearing, and showed that Her’s are just really good friends who make fantastic music together. About halfway through the set, it started to feel like there was a running inside joke between the pair that I wasn’t a part of.

Awkward stage banter aside, Her’s executed a musical performance that was far from uncomfortable. They were familiar with the music, familiar with each other, and it felt like they were familiar with the audience. Opening the show with dreamy indie-pop banger Marcel got everybody grooving to the iconic Her’s sound. Cool With You set the mood for all of the loved-up people who brought a date to the show, begging them to get closer to each other. What Once Was, based on crowd reaction, was the song that everybody was most excited for. Plenty of oohs, aahs, and cheers of, “Yessss,” rang out as the opening chords to the broken-hearted crooner started playing.

Overall, the show was fun, and an excellent Canadian debut for the pair. Give them a few years to keep playing together and Her’s are guaranteed to be a must-see act. Their songs are executed well, their set list has the perfect pacing, and they have a carefree aura about them that makes everybody feel welcome.

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