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FKJ at HISTORY | Photo Gallery

FKJ brought the vibes with him to HISTORY In Toronto this past Sunday.

FKJ started the show off by sitting on the couch listening to Al Green’s “Let’s stay together” on vinyl. He designed the set to replicate his living space which he was making music at for the past a few years everyday.

Throughout the performance he played several instruments such as multiple keyboards, saxophone & a guitar. The crowd absolutely loved the show & the energy was high.

He played his more famous songs such as “Loosing my Way”, “Vibin’ out”, “Ylang Ylang” & “Tadow” as well as several others that brought the crowd to life.

Check out all photos by Logan Gaulton below:


  1. Intro

  2. Losing My Way

  3. Instant Need

  4. Risk

  5. So Much to Me

  6. Let's Live

  7. Way Out

  8. Lying Together

  9. Vibin' Out with ((( O )))

  10. New Life

  11. 100 Roses

  12. Different Masks

  13. Ylang Ylang

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