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Female Entrepreneurs Offer Work From Home and Wellness Tips

By: Gemma Mastroianni

What a crazy time it is right now. Millions of jobs have been lost, and many of us are alternatively working from home (including myself, and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to do so). I'm still working to find my groove, and I think I'm getting a bit closer every week, but it's not easy. I also live in a basement apartment with little daylight coming in, so it actually makes it much more difficult.

Through communicating with many close to me and being active on social media, it's become pretty obvious that I'm not the only one struggling. With that said, I've been working hard to find solutions to improve my work environment, sustain my mental health, and embrace the ideology of "self-care." Yes, I just described self-care as an ideology ;), but I'm serious! This is something that has really helped me.

I've decided to look to the leaders of our society right now to see what is helping them- specifically female entrepreneurs of brands that truly embrace the idea of self care. If you too are struggling, these tips will most definitely help you! See below:

Jessica Burnam - Founder of Cocoon Apothecary 

Work From Home Tip: Your sense of smell directly affects memories and emotions so aromatherapy is great to incorporate in your home office.  I would use a blend with rosemary and peppermint to stay mentally alert and focused.

Playlist: Dreampop on Spotify - Mellow background music for working at home.

Artists I’m loving revisiting: Arctic Monkeys - upbeat and fun

Product from your line that's keeping you grounded or you're using during this time: I am using a lot of Eyewaken Eye Cream right now because I'm feeling tired and puffy from being cooped up. 

Jillian Mariani - Founder of Niyama Yoga Wellness

Work from home tips:  At the end of each day, make your TO DO list for the next day and prioritize from most time-sensitive/important to least.  Cross it off as you go - and add the things that weren’t on the list as you do them and cross those off too! Make your bed - it lets you start off your day with a task accomplished and sets you up for success (and its way nicer to get into at night)

Playlist: on Spotify - the Savasana - Yoga Playlist by Ra Yoga  - nice blend of contemporary and traditional and I like to play it while I practice at home Artists I’m loving revisiting: Cigarettes After Sex, Feist, Beck, Wilco, Cinematic Orchestra, Bon Iver, Jack Johnson, Arcade Fire, Stars, Death Cab for Cutie Product: From Niyama I never start the day without Daytime Zen or end it without Sleep Like Buddha. Both are totally key to managing the chronic stress we are all under and ensuring I get enough quality sleep to keep my immune system optimal.

Sina Zere, Co-Founder of 1'Lux BeautyandBuff Wax Spot

Work from Home Tip With Your Partner: Working from home with your partner can be challenging. Make sure to have designated work spaces and create specific work and break times so your home life doesn't suffer. Spotify playlist: Eko Electronic  Artists I'm loving to revisit- DJ Razaq El Toro who's based in Toronto and Common (his album Like Water for Chocolate is one of my top 3 faves of all time)

Products keeping me sane: Amika Silken Up Dry Conditioner, Chloe Nomade fragrance and my RSVP Oui Lip Mask!

Emily Ratchford Founder of Free Flow Active

Work From Home Tip:  I make a list of 3 things I will be sure to accomplish that day. 1 work related, 1 self care related and 1 home related.

Playlist: (on Spotify - if applicable) I love this one from one of my favourite yoga teachers who is the owner of Power Yoga Canada Burlington. Such a great mix! See attached.

Artists I’m loving revisiting: I am really obsessed with Nora en Pure right now.

Product from your line that's keeping you grounded or you're using during this time: I am always wearing my Fluid leggings. They are buttery soft and are so lightweight. Super comfy to be lounging around the house in. My favourite top to do at home workouts in is our Abstract Bra. It's also one of our best sellers!

Remember to support local businesses and self-care! Staying grounded is so important right now.


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