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Crate Digging Episode 3 | Carlo V

By: Dakota Arsenault

On this third episode of Crate Digging, we are joined by Carlo V who really puts the fan in fanatic. He has an immense collection of not just records, but CD's, posters and general memorabilia.

He talks about his massive 700+ record collection (which includes about 100 pieces of just The Supremes members), an emotional journey into how he got started collecting, trading rare artifacts and the online fan community at large. Listen below:

Or listen on Google Podcasts or directly on Spotify here. Coming soon to Apple Podcasts!

Follow Carlo and his record collection on Instagram.

Crate Digging a Soundtrack production, produced by Dakota Arsenault and Gemma Mastroianni. Original music by Jared Burke and graphic design by Stephanie Prior. Visit The Soundtrack for more great content!

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