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Beverage and Song Pairings

By: Erica Gellert

To make the most out of my free time, I’ve taken it upon myself to write about the two things I’ve been doing the most since moving home: listening to music and drinking. This list isn’t your average tailgate party playlist that you can sip anything to- these are carefully crafted song and beverage pairings from yours truly. So ask Alexa to blast the volume, get your drinks out, and enjoy.

1. Shampoo Bottles-Peach Pit + 6 Pack of Coors Light

The first time I heard this song, I was like, “Oh, what a fun mellow ditty about a breakup, a couple jokey’ digs at an ex is always my jam”- then I listened to it again, and again. I quickly realized I was staring at a wall without blinking for several minutes because that’s what this song DOES! You need a few Coors light beers to reflect on the cringe things we all do when we just want to lightly stalk a past lover. I just wanna get out my car keys and shotgun a tall can of Coors Banquet with Neil Smith n’ the boys. (Also the music video is just, mwah, chef’s kiss.)

2. Who You Lovin- Leon + Bourbon Neat (or on the rocks- you do you boo)

This song gives me hardcore western vibes. I’m saying, we are one loon call away from there being a full out standoff, and I ain’t mad about it. I recommend whatever you drink to this track, you sip it slowly because they do everything slowly in Western’s. This tune is as sexy as Clint Eastwood’s entrance in “A Few Dollars More” - honestly, maybe even sexier. No wait- his eyes. No, wait- her voice. GAH just sip on that bourbon and sway to this absolute jam.

3. After the Glitter Fades- Stevie Nick + Bottle of Wine (that can double as a microphone)

If this song comes on shuffle while I’m looking out the window of a train, a plane, or an automobile- I absolutely go into full music video mode. But since nobody is doing much traveling these days, it’s time to move the coffee table and couch over and turn your living room into a stage. Not much needed to enjoy this ballad, a bottle of red or white will suffice, and maybe some Risky Business attire (a.k.a: socks & underwear. Shirt optional). To keep the momentum going, toss on “Silver Springs” right after. And hope to God that your living room curtains are closed.

4. This Must Be The Place- Talking Heads (also Sure Sure’s cover) A Bucket of Anything Cold in a Can

Did you think that a song mentioning “home” was somehow NOT making it on the list in quarantine times?? Think again. This Must Be The Place, the original and all of its mighty covers, has pretty much been my isolation anthem. Like everyone, I miss regular life and can get caught up in the whole when-will-this-be-over thought spiral. This song serves as a cool reminder that we got plenty of time, baby! So muster up a hearty stock of your fave beverage, set up a zoom chat with your best buds, and have a virtual cheers every now and then.

5. Saturdays- Twin Shadow ft. HAIM + White Claw

As the weather gets warmer, I want to day drink. Just kidding, I always want to day drink. For my fellow adults who enjoy a proper buzz but also enjoy a reasonable bedtime, crank up this jam and get out your mimosas, caesars, or breakfast beers. Or yeah, one of those goddamn White Claws. Twin Shadow graces us with this 80’s pop moment- which reminds me of the opening of Footloose (which they definitely pay homage to in their music video) and you can’t help but attempt the fancy footwork yourself. Who knows, maybe after a few drinks you might be able to pull it off.


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