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30 Holiday Gift Ideas for Creatives

By: Gemma Mastroianni

Somehow the holidays are just around the corner already! You probably have some shopping to finish up (don't we all?)

I have a few people left to shop for, whom are all creative people. With this in mind, I've put together a list of 30 different gift ideas for creatives. Check it out below:

1.) Polaroid Camera Decal

Many people own a Polaroid camera by now, so spice it up with a cute decal. This one is on sale for just $8 on Urban Outfitters right now.

2.) Lighting

Is the Youtuber or photographer in your life in need of some new lighting? Perhaps its a ring light or they are looking to work with some new colours. Hit up the lighting section on Henry's.

3.) Record Player

If you're really looking to spoil and/or upgrade the set up for a music lover in your life, grab them an Audiotechnica record player so that they can listen with the highest quality. This one is my favourite.

4.) Polaroid Camera

Who doesn't love taking Polaroids? Although most creatives in my life own them by now, there are definitely a few that don't.

5.) Backdrop

Visual artists and Instagram influencers can never have enough backdrops. Pick one that they've been needing, or one that you think would jive with their style.

6.) Pretty Shitty Cakes

These custom cake sculptures made by Texas based artist Jasmine Archie are the perfect gift for a friend who loves eclectic home decor. I'm not sure when her next cake drop is but keep an eye on her Instagram page. She drops a variety of her own pieces for sale on a regular basis, and also takes custom orders. Check out her website here.

7.) Film Camera

Film camera's are becoming trendier every single day. Pick out one from moment here.

8.) Polaroid Film

Because you can never have enough! This trio pack is a great deal.

9.) A record they've always wanted

Music lovers can truly never have enough! Support your local record store while making your bestie or loved one be impressed that you DO indeed pay close attention to their music taste. Pick up one of their favourite albums on vinyl. My favourite shop in Toronto is Kops Records.

10.) Record Credenza

Record Credenza's are widely popular home item that are becoming increasingly popular for creatives, and typically ones that are vintage. Thrift one off of Facebook marketplace and consider even adding your own touches to it to make it extra special. If you have a bigger budget, go grab this sleek one on Etsy.

11.) Concert tickets

Concerts are back in FULL swing and it's time to celebrate. All of our favourite artists are touring so there are plenty of options! Check out all upcoming concerts in Toronto (big and small) here.

12.) Canvas's

Even if the person you are buying for isn't an artist, painting every now again is a fun and calming activity. Grab some canvas's from your local art store.

13.) Pinot's Palette class

Sip and paint! Experiences are always a wonderful present to gift, especially when you also can take something home out of it.

Pinot's Palette has locations across North America and two locations in Toronto. Click here to learn more.

14.) Portable speaker

Whether you're working from home, at a photoshoot, or an afterparty, we can ALL use a portable speaker, or even upgrade hours.

My personal favourite is the House of Marley Get Together Mini.

15.) Spacefy gift card

Every now and again (even if you're not a photographer or videographer), us creatives need studio time. Spacefy is an awesome platform that has thousands of spaces available for rent in cities across the country.

16.) Music streaming service gift card

We all use these! Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, or Soundcloud. Whatever their platform is, they will appreciate a contribution.

17.) Movie tickets

With so many of us addicted to our home streaming services, we've forgotten about the magic of a night out to the movie theatre. Grab tickets to a movie your loved one would like and a gift card to cover the food and drinks.

18.) YETI Mic

A couple of years back and it's been an excellent podcasting microphone. The sound is clear and crisp and it is totally easy to use. If you have someone in your life who loves podcasting or wants to start podcasting, this is an amazing gift!

19.) Hand Painted Retro Vinyl Record

How abstract is this!? There are only two left in stock however, a ton of similar options available on Etsy.

20.) Nanoleaf light panels

These lights come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and also react to the music you play through colour changes and movement.

21.) Merch from a local band

I mean really, who can't use another band tee? With the pandemic affecting the music scene so much, especially on a local level, support your local scene and also impress your pal with a cool band tee!

22.) Portable Diffuser

If you want to add scent to your home, you might as well benefit from it if you can. Diffusing essential oils can help with relaxation, boost your mood, clean the air, and so much more depending on the oils you choose.

These diffusers from SEASONS is not only portable, but so aesthetic. Grab yours here.

23.) Adobe Creative Cloud gift card

Many Adobe programs come at a necessary monthly cost for us creatives. Help ease up their monthly bill and grab a gift card here.

24.) Voluspa candles

I grabbed some mini Voluspa candles during the Sephora sale and have been obsessed ever since. They provide the nicest scents and add a sense of calmness to the room when I'm working and creating. My favourite so far has been French Cade Lavendar.

Check out this gift pack here.

25.) Garment rack

These always come in handy for any photo/video shoot, and also a nice piece of decor for the bedroom.

26.) Mini Projector

So that the visual artist in your life can take their work wherever they go.

This one is currently 50% off at Indigo and comes with a backdrop and other accessories.

27.) Journal

Because we all need to pause and reflect sometimes. Indigo has a TON of options that can suit all types of creatives. Browse their selection here.

28.) We're Not Really Strangers Card Game

Most creatives like to get in their feels, making this the perfect gift and game for all.

Grab it for 25% off now on their website.

29.) Tripod

Browse Henry's selection here.

30.) Airpods Case

Airpods cases are becoming just as trendy as phone cases.

Casetify has a huge selection here.


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