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10 Spotify Playlists You Probably Didn't Know About

By: Alyssa Keighan

Though I used to be an annoying relentless Apple Music stan, those days were easily forgotten once I truly learned about the joys of Spotify. The Spotify interface is sleek, easy to use, and EVEN has a side tab on the computer version where you can see what all of your friends are listening to (this is objectively my personal favourite feature of the app because well.......I’m a creep). But, perhaps the most valuable feature is the curated playlists, whether they be specific to you under the “made for you” tab, or the general playlists that are searchable.

Gone are the days of deep-diving and trolling for new music through YouTube in the “Recommended” side-bar, because now Spotify does it for you. And they do it pretty damn well. All boasting under 400,000 followers at the time of writing this, here are 10 objectively phenomenal Spotify playlists that you probably haven’t heard about yet. You’re welcome!

1. undercurrents: 116 243 followers

Consisting of all new mellow indie bops, undercurrents is the perfect soundtrack for doing homework, reading, or being generally moody in any setting. Featuring tracks from Cherry Glazerr, girl in red, Ritt Momney (lol) and more, this playlist is full of guitars, lo-fi inspired beats, and beautiful indie gems.

Standout Track: say anything, girl in red

2. Surf Rock Sunshine: 143 062 followers

The first time I heard Surf Rock Sunshine was at a hostel when I was backpacking Europe. The workers there had the playlist up on a television in the common kitchen. It was a beautiful clear day in London, England, and listening to this playlist first thing in the morning really set the tone for the day ahead. The tracks give off sunny vibes, and I always play it when I need an instant pick-me-up. The guitar riffs and Beach Boys vibe of the songs always makes me feel like I’m on a vacation when I listen. Happy happy happy J

Standout Track: Tidal Wave, by Tempesst

3. Beats to think to: 168 778 followers

Beats to think to consists of deep techno and deep house, appealing to people who have a love for electronic music. The most recently found playlist on this list; I came across this when I was looking for background noise while I was studying for my midterms. The music on the playlist is melodic and consuming but not overbearing, making for a fantastically versatile playlist. Techno lovers could pre-drink to this, study to this, workout to this.... the possibilities are endless!

Standout Track: Abandoned Soul (Recondite Remix), by Jimi Jules

4. 1990’s & 2000’s (Hayley Anne McNeil): 74,372 followers

Listen. For every cool new song in your playlist, there should be one song from either the 1990’s or 2000’s. It’s the formula for success and a nicely balanced music library, okay? I didn’t make the rules. With over 1000 songs on the playlist, in every mainstream genre, ranging from Boyz II Men to Ashanti to Britney Spears to Ciara to LITERALLY EVERY NOTABLE ARTIST OVER THE TWO DECADES, this playlist KILLS IT and will be sure to satisfy all of your throwback needs on any occasion. Even Hilary Duff and 3OH!3 are on here. C’monnnnnnnn. The only playlist on this list created by someone other than Spotify, Hayley Anne McNeil went off. She really did. Thanks, girl.

Standout Track: ALL OF THEM! Go See for Yourself. Seriously.

5. POLLEN: 217,409 followers

In the description below the title, Spotify describes POLLEN as a playlist “beyond genre”. True. It’s really hard to pinpoint what this playlist is due to its wide range of artists, many of whom span across a variety of genres. From Men I Trust to Tyler, the Creator to Joji, perhaps what makes this playlist so cohesive are the smooth, alluring voices of the singers on the tracks and the hip-hop elements layered amongst the musical arrangement. The distinctive snare drum present in a lot of popular trap and rap music is also present in a lot of the songs, making it quite an interesting hodgepodge. It’s infectious though, and it works. Check it out for yourself!

Standout Track: Want U Back, by Spencer.

6. Bedroom Pop: 331, 940 followers

Maybe I’m the only one who thinks that this title is misleading, but I was totally expecting this playlist to be full of dance-in-your-underwear-sing-into-your-hairbrush type of playlists. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find a collection of songs with a similar, dreamlike quality about them: synths and soft, cooing voices dominate these tracks. Some songs are mellower than others on the playlist, they are all equally as lovely. Spotify adds songs to Bedroom Pop semi-regularly, but amongst this playlist there are songs really worth adding to your playlist. If you ‘re into music that is reminiscent of 80’s synthpop (just toned down a bit) – this one’s for you.

Standout Track: B Cool (featuring Melanie Faye), by Magroove

7. Drifting Apart: 122, 472 followers

If you’re looking for a playlist that’ll get you in all the sad feels, this is it. Even if you’re not going through a breakup with a significant other or a friend, these songs are sombre enough for you to indulge in your feelings. Looking beyond the gloomy theme of this playlist, I’ve always thought that some of the best art is produced when you’re feeling down or heartbroken because everyone expresses sorrow differently. The lyrics in a lot of these songs are poetic, and the musical elements are soft, pretty, and nothing short of interesting. Spanning across a number of genres, there will most definitely be a song that resonates with you.

Standout Track: im closing my eyes (feat. Shiloh), by potsu

8. You & Me: 372, 769 followers

Quite the opposite of Drifting Apart, You & Me takes a much more happy tone and is packed with a bunch of feel-good alt rock tracks that you and your love will wanna sing as loud as you can together! A great mix of songs from 90’s, today, and anytime in between, this playlist is just fun. You & Me perfectly personifies the whole “I’m so in love with you and so happy nothing could ever bring me down” feeling that makes you feel super lame but is also so unbelievably sweet.

9. Lost In The Woods: 162, 636 followers

Perhaps the most raw and acoustic playlist amongst the others on this list, the artists really focus on stripping down their music to the bare essentials: guitar, piano, snare, and minimal electronic effects. Coupled with the soft and sweet vocals that are present throughout Lost In The Woods, the whole playlist is reminiscent of an old lullaby someone once sang to you in your childhood.

Standout Track: A Message To Myself- The Mahogany Sessions, by Roo Panes

10. Genre Glitch: 292, 448 followers

Closing out this list, Genre Glitch is a fun and lively collection of songs, described by Spotify as “Instrumental bliss beyond classification.” Electronic elements dominate this playlist to create an unmistakable and wholly unique eclectic sound. Upon first listen, this may seem like an odd mash-up of instrumental tracks, as it did to myself. But as I worked my way through the playlist, I was reminded of some of my favourite artists, whose songs share similarities with the ones in this playlist. If you dig Flume, Louis The Child, or Whethan, then this playlist is sure to be an easy listen. Come with an open mind and good vibes, and Genre Glitch will leave you smilin’ in return all day.

Standout Track: Rosé, by AbJo

Honourable mentions who JUST missed the 400K followers mark:

-Butter: 421, 164 Followers (Spotify Description: Where jazz melts with hip-hop and soul)

-Creamy: 426, 001 Followers (Spotify Description: Melodic future bass, warm vocal drizzle and dreamy dance music)

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Nick Benner
Nick Benner
Nov 12, 2019

This list is fantastic and features some awesome playlists. Beats To Think To is one of my favourites thanks to its mellow nature and I was ecstatic to see it included. As someone who is obsessed with dance music, I don’t typically branch out to other genres, but the playlists that you mentioned seem pretty neat. With that in mind, I thought it would be helpful to pass along some more standout playlists with less than 400,000 followers.

Afterhours (~160,000 followers): The purpose of Spotify’s Afterhours playlist can be found right in its name. The collection of deep house and electronica songs is ideal for winding down after a night out with friends. That being said, I’ve been known to…

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