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Zoe Xandra drops EP Titled "TMI"

By: Gemma Mastroianni

Toronto based Pop artist Zoe Xandra is dropping her brand new EP tomorrow titled, TMI.

The EP is all about heartbreak and healing scars, something we can all relate to. Xandra opens up to us about her life story and struggles.

It opens up with "Bite My Tongue" which is both uplifting and relatable. The track features some soft guitars with a bit of a delayed effect which gives it a Dream Pop vibe. Her voice is soft but still demanding- perfectly overlayed over the instrumentals and fitting for the pop style she's going for.

The second track "Blah Blah" is essentially about blocking out someone's bullshit when they're trying to manipulate or play you in a relationship. It's about seeing right through someone's lies and manipulation tactics and how it all turns into the same "blah blah", even though they may be saying different words. I love the concept of this track! It's a pretty medium paced track that you could definitely bump driving or getting ready.

"Tokyo" is all about daydreaming about your loved one, and where life will take you. I like the pace of this track. It's a bit slower than the others but it has a nice pace and fluctuation between upbeat and more lowkey.

Things speed up once again on "Halfway Bad." Xandra's vocals get a bit higher for the chorus of this track which adds a refreshing touch, and you hear a bit more of Xandra's vocal capabilities.

"Air" gets quite deep and personal, switching the vibe to a piano track where you hear even more of Xandra's voice, which is very beautiful. She opens up about going through pain and heartbreak, and how she coped in unhealthy ways on her own. It's beautiful and raw not only through her opening up about her story but hearing her vocals a bit more without synths and guitar. I applaud Xandra for being so raw here and I really love how well this track showcased her vocals.

The EP closes with "Better Off Alone" which is pretty self-explanatory, but also about the struggle to get someone out of your head. There is a lot of repetition in this track, but I think it exaggerates the idea of not being able to get someone out of your head, and it adds a certain intensity to the track.

If you're a pop music lover you'll love this EP. Xandra has a refreshing voice with relatable lyrics and is very open about her life and struggles, which is inspiring and something that we need to encourage more of. I loved it and I can't wait to hear what else she puts out!

The EP will be available on Spotify and Apple Music tomorrow!

Follow Zoe on Instagram.


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