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World Premiere: I Just Want Your Love by Love Wagon

By: Gemma Mastroianni

Today, Toronto based funky jazz-rock band Love Wagon is sharing a hard-hitting and dramatic new video for us all, I Just Want Your Love.

The funky jazz-rock band from Toronto,ON consists of Michael Oszertag on bass, Max Swiderski on guitar and vocals, John Abou Chacra on saxophone, guitar and vocals, Sam Ehsaei on keyboard and vocals, and David Matta on the drums.

The track is from their EP, "What Wagon." I Just Want Your Love is the demanding opening track, filled with emotion about a broken heart. It's filled with stops and starts, keeping listeners at the edge of their seats. Although the song is more upbeat than your typical break-up song, the emotion of frustration going through a break-up is portrayed ever so perfectly, and intensely. The instrumental bridge is a smooth transition that also takes you through a whirlwind of emotions, with stellar production and a phenomenal guitar solo. Not to mention the harmonizing on this track is so consistent and impressive, giving off some modern-day Queen vibes. It has hints of jazz, rock, blues, and funk. Overall, it's definitely one of the best opening tracks I've heard on an album this year- what an entrance.

The video is a must-watch. It's overdramatic but all too true about what going through a break-up can feel like. It brings comedic relief and the cinematography is amazing, taking place in a variety of locations, also showing so many physical interpretations of how to cope when breaking up- with comedic relief, as I said. I couldn't believe that this came from a local band! At this pace though, they'll be more than a local band in no time.

The band formed in 2015 at Ryerson University in Toronto after meeting at an open jam. Ever since, the band has been playing at classic Toronto venues such as Rivoli, The Opera House, The Mod Club, and also deservingly won Ryerson's 2018 Battle of the Bands. Catch one of their shows to experience a spectacle unlike anything else you're seeing from Toronto bands.

Catch their next show at The Horseshoe Tavern on January 18th!


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