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What I'm Diggin vol.IV

By: Tressa Mastroianni

If you’re in the southern ontario region you KNOW It’s been HELLA cold this week. Mother Nature’s really making it easy to want to stay trapped inside underneath the covers. But it’s during these cold, and often dark, times when we really need to keep ourselves on that #SelfCare. From music to food, check out what I’ve been diggin’ this week to keep me going despite all this nasty weather. J. Cole

I’ve been starting my mornings by waking up and heading straight to J. Cole’s Spotify page. Of course J. kills it with his new single Middle Child. However, I’ve also been taking it back to the grassroots

with Forest Hills Drive (2014). I’ve probably listened to Wet Dreamz more times than socially acceptably over the past few days. “I ain’t ever did this before, no”. Modo hot yoga

A lot of days I begin the day by heading to my local Modohot yoga studio. I always leave feeling pretty sweaty, but rejuvenated and ready to take on the day. Maybe my stereotypical ‘white girl’ comes out here, but there are truly so many benefits to this type of workout. Your body and mind will thank you. Forgiven Radio 

I actually discovered the song Forgiven by musical producer Jim-E Stacks last week on Flume’s Essentials Playlist on Spotify. The radio that follows the song is perfect as background noise for some homework or studying, or some light reading at the end of the day. Even if you don’t have a spotify subscription I recommend their radios. I always find great new music that’s totally accustomed to my taste via these radios. Shiba San: All About Booty EP

On days where I don’t go to yoga you can 100% find me backin’ it up to the gym. In honour of finally being able to hit the squat rack again this week amongst the busyness of the gym I’ve been bumping Shiba San’s All About Booty EP (The song I Like Your Booty is my personal favourite). What better way to stay motivated to work out than with some bomb tunes? Fontaine Santé- Roasted Jalapeno Hummus

Since I’m studying and working out a decent amount during the week, I really try and fuel my body by eating clean, all while trying to keep things a little exciting for my palette. With some crackers or veggies this is a great post-workout or study snack, and it’s lowkey addicting. Spicy! The Girls

I actually haven’t really been watching any Netflix over the past month. Instead I ditch the screens and read for half an hour before bed. I’ve been on The Girls for about a month now. This New-York Times Best seller, set in the 70s, more or less covers the story of a young girl joining a bizarr-o hippie cult. Definitely rated R at times, but this book hits a home run with its’ imagery.

That’s it, hope you dig it! “Namaste” warm out there friends

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