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What I'm Diggin This Week

By: Amanda McMillan

Happy Thursday! Here is what I've been into this week.

13th Floor - Haviah Mighty

Winner of the 2019 Polaris Prize, Haviah Mighty is a Brampton born wrapper who, in my opinion, puts Drake to shame. She’s received very high acclaim from notable hip-hop publications such as XXL, and Complex, and her track “Vamanos” was featured on HBO’s Insecure. Haviah Mighty is the real deal - she can rap, she can sing, she has killer style, and pens truly inspirational lyrics.

If you haven’t heard of her yet, don't sleep on it. There is a new wave of hip-hop & R&B that’s been steadily coming out of Toronto and the GTA that’s being heard well outside of Canada. 13th Floor is well on its way to having its shockwaves felt far beyond The 6ix.

Golden High Flow Acrylic Paint

I recently started to get into painting, mostly out of curiosity, and also to try a new form of creativity. I came across Golden High Flow paint and it is siiiiiiick. It’s got a little bit of an inky vibe, but dries like acrylic paint. It has a really low viscosity, much like ink, but spreads really well and has a vibrancy that’s more in line with markers than paint. I only bought one colour, but now that I have it, I wish I had bought a whole kit! If you’re interested in playing around with something new and creating a different vibe in your art...or even just START making art, check this stuff out!

Empanadas at Field Trip Café

Okay, so they aren’t as phenomenal as some of the empanadas you will find in Kensington Market, but it was a truly delightful treat when I was working there last week. The Bloorcourt cafe also boasts a good selection of craft beer, great coffee, and other baked goods.

But those empanadas, though...served with a side of cilantro mayo. *chef’s kiss*

It’s the perfect snack!

Podcast: The Dream

This is a podcast about pyramid schemes, or rather, Multi-Level Marketing (MLMs). It takes a deep dive into the history, politics, and quite frankly the sexism, that surrounds these organizations and why they just won’t go away. Season 2 focuses more specifically on the Wellness industry, which often overlaps with MLMs. It’s an interesting, smart, and really well-investigated podcast that I devoured in a matter of days. If you’re looking for the next thing to get curious about, download The Dream.


Listen, do I think that crystals actually work? No, I do not. But do I think that they are pretty, and kind of fascinating? Yes, I do! I recently ventured into Happy Soul on Bloor west just before Christmas to get a couple of little stones for my partner’s stocking, more as a bit of a joke than anything. However, as I was looking at them and reading about them, I realized that I could pick ones that felt thoughtful and had a specific ‘purpose’ that I felt would resonate with her. So I bought some, and she did appreciate the thought that I put into it! Since then I have bought some for a few friends, who also had the same reaction. Ultimately, I made it clear that I don’t buy into the ‘clear your chakras’ way of life, but there is something really nice about buying someone something beautiful that also has a little personal touch. So, you know what? Maybe I like crystals now. But you can’t judge me anymore than I am already judging myself.

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