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What I'm Diggin this Week

By: Tressa Mastroianni

Hey all, here's what's up this week.

Beat Up All Star Converse

It’s officially summer time, but with Canadian summer time comes some pretty inconsistent weather (what else is new?). Am I trying to get caught in a rainstorm in my gladiator sandals or flip-flops? NOPE! So of course, what better shoe to turn to than my versatile and lightweight white Converse. These friends have been to hell and back (concerts, class, nights out etc.) so they’re definitely not glowing white anymore but, it's a good thing that it's hip to own a beat-up pair of Converse. Someone told me I should throw these out this week, I scoffed at them. 

Hannah Cohen

A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I caught the Foxwarren show in Toronto. It’s always interesting going to see a band or musician you’re really into and never having heard of the opener. I find often that the opener either blows it or blows me away. Luckily Hannah Cohen, who did a beautiful job opening the venue, did the latter. I was genuinely impressed, and I’ve been listening to her album Welcome Home ever since. My favourite songs are ‘All I Wanted’ and ‘Get in Line

Dolls Kill

Osheaga is coming up and I’ve 100% procrastinated on picking up new pieces and outfits for the festival. So, catch me in class or up way too late after a shift surfing the web and online shopping. I haven’t really bought anything yet (yikes, time is tickin’), but I’ve had my eye on a few pieces from Dolls Kill. This website is basically the Hot Topic for influencers and edgy festival goers. If you’re looking for something fun and unique to pull your festival fit together, look no further.

Pollen: A Spotify Playlist

This playlist just GETS ME. Ranging from new R&B to cool and jazzy beats, I always turn to this playlist when I need something new. This past week I was really into the updates added to the playlist. I was taking a nap in the sun at Bayfront Park in Hamilton and threw this playlist on. It fit the mood way too perfectly and I haven’t turned it off since.

Indian takeout from Masala Corner

Ok…so this might not just be something I’m diggin’ this week, but almost every week. Maybe this week was jut when I realized that I have an issue and need to slow it down. But ever since I saw @tastehamont mention this place on their page, my good friend and I have been unstoppable when one of us mentions they’re craving this spot. Let’s just say we’re enablers *shrugs*.

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