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What I'm Diggin This Week

By: Ryley Chorowiec

February always seems to drag on and on, but these are a few things which are helping me persevere through everybody’s least favourite month of the year.

1) Billie Eilish - Bury a Friend

At first, I originally took a hard pass on Billie Eilish. That is, until I heard this haunting track which has already racked up 46 plays on my Apple Music in the last week. Eilish’s stripped down vocals alongside the impeccable production result in a perfectly horrifying atmosphere and personality. Billie’s new terrifying single, off her upcoming debut album “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” is definitely my favourite track of 2019-thus far.

2.) Shameless Season 8/9

If any of you are like me,(too cheap to pay for Showtime) you’ll be pleased to know Season 8 of Shameless is now available on Netflix. I absolutely can never get enough of the Gallagher’s, so much so that I finished the complete 8th season within a day. The 9th season is currently airing on showtime, but if you have a decent anti-virus, I might know a few sites you can find it on.. just slip into my DM's.

3.) Massive Attack - Mezzanine

Massive Attacks 1998 release “Mezzanine” is undoubtedly one of my favourite releases of all time. With their upcoming tour stopping in Toronto next month, I felt it was only appropriate to get the proper moods flowing. The record sees the trio divide from their original trip hop moods into a darker electronic sound. The album in its entirety is truly mesmerizing. With astonishing vocals provided by legends like Horace Andy, and Elizabeth Frazer, if you play your cards right, you are certain to be taken on one hell of a trip.

4) Delirium Tremens

I first discovered this beautiful, golden-blonde ale while travelling in Europe. Brewed in Belgium, at 8.5%, this pint sure does pack a punch. Lightly hopped and surprisingly malty, the brew holds a light and creamy head. If your into good beer, which you really should be, theres not going to be second thoughts about this one.

5.) Seattle-Style Hot Dogs

After trying one of these Pacific-Northwest style hot dogs, I really can’t seem to enjoy a dog any other way. It’s pretty simple to make, however you might need to ditch your local street meat vendor and make this one at home. Besides, that guy doesn’t even wash his hands.

All it is:

Quality weiner or sausage.

Bun toasted, coated with cream cheese on both halves.


Fried onions

Jalapeno Peppers

Mustard or Ketchup. Never both.

6) Marius Sperlich

I don’t know much about this mysterious artist based out of Berlin, other than I am absolutely in love with his work. Marius creates visual art pieces involving miniature objects and figurines, which are typically placed on a model, then photographed. The staged photographs are meant to show the human body in a new imaginative way, using the figures to depict sequences or scenes, almost like a short film in a photo. Sometimes lustful, sometimes plain odd- I really do love his work and am hoping to get my hands on some prints in the future.

That’s it for this week. I hope my February remedies work just as well for you as they seem to do for me.

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