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What I'm Diggin This Week

Welcome to our new series, “What I’m Diggin.” This collection will feature posts by our contributors, guest bloggers, and musicians. Here’s the first one, by yours truly!

taken by marcus mcphee

In Utero- Nirvana

When Winter comes and the sun goes away, my taste in music tends to go along with that. Lately I’ve been feeling the darkest of the three Nirvana albums. Is it fixing my weather-affected mood? Probably not, oops.

Year end lists

I'm always reading these constantly in the month of December. I find myself constantly looking for new ones, and don’t worry- we have one coming for ya with the best albums of the year.

Sleeping the heck in

I’ve said “Good Morning” far too much at 2pm this week, to be quite honest. I’ve been having some good brunches and sweat pants hair tied chillin with no make up on moments though. Cannot complain.

Music Documentaries

As I've been off of school for a week or so, I've been taking some time to enjoy the things that I love. I really enjoyed watching "Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck." Hit me up with some more recommendations.

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