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I couldn’t be more excited to launch The Soundtrack. What is it? It’s everything I’m passionate about. Personally, music is a huge part of my lifestyle. My lifestyle is pretty busy between school, free-lancing, and maintaining relationships with those close to me.

I was inspired to make the soundtrack because while I may live a busy life, there’s typically music to go along with majority of what I’m doing. Whether I’m eating in a restaurant, listening to my boyfriend play guitar, picking out an outfit, making that morning commute, trying to relax, or attending a concert, it’s always there.

Music is a lifestyle, and I can’t wait to show you all exactly how that is through my life, along with those who contribute. I’m going to be featuring album and concert reviews, a little bit of fashion, my favourite restaurants, interviews, and more.

In life, I’m passionate about experiencing things. I want to experience things that are adventurous, new, and bring happiness and excitement to my life. I think it is so important to put our-selves out there, try new things, go new places, meet new friends, and get inspired. Everything I just listed is what I see to be truly living.

I feel as though the world is so product focused right now. Is that healthy? Not neccesarily. Now with being said, I don’t discourage buying things for yourself, but I feel as though in media products are sub-consciously pushed to make you think that these things will make you happy. This blog is about not so much focusing on those things constantly, but to focus on a lifestyle filled with new experiences, music, loved ones, and other things that bring on genuine emotion.

I hope all those that read will enjoy the content that is to come. Whether it’s about a restaurant experience, a concert, an interview, or a playlist, I hope you will love it.



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