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U.N. Jefferson drops 'Shine on Me'

By: Gemma Mastroianni

Toronto based Soul/R&B group U.N. Jefferson has recently dropped a new single and video for 'Shine on Me.'

The song is bright and uplifting and features elements of Soul, Motown, and R&B.

Based out of Toronto, U.N. Jefferson fuses the elements of Soul with the fundamentals of Motown and early R&B to create a sound that is both familiar and fresh. The 9 piece band creates a fulfilling sound utilizing a variety of different instruments. The song is simple, yet utilizes a variety of different sounds to create such a filling and beautiful song. I love the details in this track such as the brass, claps, piano, Ajay Massey's sleek vocals, and his choir. To top it off, production couldn't be better!

Massey's vocals remind me a bit of Max Kerman from Arkells. Overall, the track is a nice way to utilize the inspiration of Soul and Motown to create a fun and modern track, I could easily see Arkells covering this one!

The video itself goes perfectly with the song, and I love how it featured the entire band! The illusion of the continuous one-shot takes created an impressive and entertaining twist.

Overall, I think this is a beautiful song that is accessible to a variety of music listeners. It's nice to hear such a happy song with such a simple message!

Follow U.N. Jefferson on Spotify and Instagram.


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