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The Soundtrack Spotify Pet Playlists

We're all stoked to see that Spotify is putting together playlists customized to their user's pets. A few of us on the team we're eager to show you all what all of our pets are jamming out to, in combination with telling you a bit about their personalities. Check out the playlists and info below:

Oskar the Beta Fish

Owner: Tye Hardy

Oskar is a legendary, lazy fish. He sits in his castle all day, just hanging out. Sometimes he pops out to stare at my computer monitor. I like to imagine he’s intellectual [sentient? Smart?] enough to enjoy the TV shows I’m watching. When he’s not just chilling in his castle, he’s usually swimming at the surface of his tank wanting food, and he can EAT. These traits make him nothing less than a king. Because of his chill, laid back nature, he probably enjoys listening to artists such as Post Malone, Rocky Votolato, Rush, A.A. Bondy, and more.

Buddy the Poodle

Owners: Tressa and Gemma Mastroianni

Buddy is a 16-year-old miniature poodle. As much as he prefers having all of his owners home, he spends a lot of time alone and napping or laying down. He enjoys being petted or having his ears rubbed for about a minute, but otherwise, he likes to hang alone. You can most likely catch him napping throughout the day or staring out the front door waiting for his mom to come home. When he wants someone’s attention, he will find them, stand in front of them, and stare until he gets it. He gets super hyped for treats; specifically, bananas (as seen in my photo), pizza crust, or on occasion a lick of ice cream. In his old age things have become a bit blurry and he trips in the grass or bump into stuff, but he is pretty resilient so he gets right back up and keeps trottin’ along. His taste is quite versatile and in his playlist, you’ll find a wide variety of tunes from rock to indie electronica to R&B.


Owner: Dakota Arsenault

My wife and I adopted our greyhound Five, seven years ago, when he was three years old from a Toronto group called Greyhounds in Need of Adoption (GiNA) that rescued retired racing dogs from the US and helped them find forever homes back in Canada. Five had a pretty decent racing career, winning a few races and placing often in almost two years on the track. He ended up getting a hock injury (back leg) and usually, that would mean the end of a racing greyhounds life, but luckily Five was his owner's favourite and he was put through rehab and eventually made his way to us. When we adopted him they recommended we didn't let him run at full speed as he might reaggravate his injury, lucky for him he now hates to run. For some reason, Five would rather spend 20 hours a day sleeping or laying in bed. He loves to go out for walks, but sleeping in the sun in our living room or on his big comfy bed in our bedroom is what he rather do. Greyhounds don't bark or make a lot of noise (some roo, which is both adorable and obnoxious) so you need to pay attention to their micro emotions to see how they are feeling. Five is great at letting us know when he wants a treat, or some attention, or more often than not to just be left alone. At the dog park, he's fairly anti-social ignoring dogs that want to play and instead walks around the perimeter to smell where other dogs have left their marks or going up to the owners who give him attention. While answering the questions about my pet's personality to generate this playlist I was curious at what would be pulled. I listen to just about everything and was a bit disappointed that most of the tracks chosen were things I have been listening to in the last month and mostly were dance-pop songs. Five usually leaves the room when we watch a movie or play music because the noise annoys him. There are a couple of good tracks that might suit his personality, but that might just be me enjoying them too much and projecting.


Owner: Alyssa Keighan

Valiant is a spunky 15-year-old shih-tzu with a heart of gold. Though his puppy days are long gone and he lives that “senior citizen” life, he would like to think that he has quite a big personality for being such a small dog. Ideally, he enjoys spending his days happily trotting alongside his mommy following her wherever she goes and playing a really fun game of “chase after my sister Alyssa” where he tries to lick her feet and she runs away. He can’t see very well anymore so he is a little clumsy and bump into walls and doors sometimes, but he still loves trying to catch the butterflies and rabbits outside in his backyard. After his long days of napping and playing, he loves to eat his favourite food – which is whatever his sister or mommy is eating – and then he cuddles with his best friend and favorite toy, the red squeaky plush dog. Sometimes (a lot) he can snore loudly and fart in his sleep, but Valiant promise's it’s just another one of his many endearing qualities.

On his playlist, you can expect to find a little bit of everything. Sheryl Crow, Tame Impala, Clairo, Rihanna, Drake….the playlist is quite robust and has is a great option for every mood, just like Valiant!


Owner: Amanda McMillan

Ru is a rescue pup, so she's generally kind of skittish and anxious. But she has a very playful and silly side, and is a little bit sassy when she wants to be! Her day consists of a morning bathroom break, followed by breakfast, and then naps until about 11:45 when she starts to beg us to go outside to play. After her afternoon frolic, she will either nap or wander around the house, trying to sneak up on the bed or catch a patch of sunshine in the back room. She is very prompt about when she expects to have dinner (5:30) and will remind you if you are late to serve her! She likes a quiet evening, cuddled on the couch, or taking some "me time" elsewhere. She often puts herself to bed around 10:00, after she's been out for a sniff and a pee. She loves squeaky toys and tennis balls and will do just about anything for a treat. 

The music on her playlist is pretty varied for the most part but has a general synth or electronic vibe to it. I discovered a few gems on this list that I will be adding to my own playlists! Ru's response to the music so far has been...uninterested. Better luck next time, Spotify!


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