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The Lemon Twigs @ The Phoenix

By: Olivia Mokrzycki 

Following the release of their 2018 album, ‘Go To School,’ The Lemon Twigs set out on their promising North American Tour, making their tenth stop at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto. Brothers Michael and Brian D’Addario from Long Island, New York, are the superiorly talented stars behind the band. On Tuesday night, The Phoenix received a lively treat.

The show began with a fun and edgy opener, sweet Jackie Cohen. A captivating artist very reminiscent of an 80’s pop-rock dream with vibrating folk-driven vocals. The memorable act warmed up the crowd for an impressive, energy filled night.

After the lights had dramatically dimmed, the crowd’s cheers pulled the Lemon Twigs out from the dark, and the show had begun. The band greeted the audience in stellar rock n’ roll outfits which set the mood for an impressive performance. Brian’s glamorous white jumpsuit and golden scarf contrasted Michael’s all black leather fit which included some fancy heels. 70’s vibes roared across the stage while a loud kick drum started thumping and could be felt in your chest.

It’s no surprise that the two multi-instrumentalists are seasoned and confident musicians. Everything they did was utterly perfect with a graceful edge. From their godly guitar skills, playing impressively rockin’ riffs and solos, to their immaculate vocals, the live show sounded just as flawless as the recorded songs, with a more rugged approach.

As for stage presence, the band was very contagious, and the audience was all for it. Michael’s high heel kick and skinny jean squats were exciting to watch amidst the rest of his constant dancing. Brian bounced around with funky character while delivering perfect licks. The crowd revelled in all the band’s interactions as they told silly jokes and stories in between songs. Many were dancing and singing along to their favourite songs, as the band played lots off of their 2016 album ‘Do Hollywood,’ while mostly entertaining with their latest release.

The Lemon Twigs truly gave everyone a performance to remember full of impressive and entertaining charm. Make sure to catch them on the rest of their North American tour and put them on your list of must-see band’s, because you will not be disappointed!


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