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The Antlers 'Green To Gold' Album Interview and Film

By: Gemma Mastroianni

Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

The Antlers is an indie-rock band from Brooklyn, NY. They have been one of my favourite bands for many years now, and I have been patiently waiting for the brand new album to drop. Several years later after "Familiars", "Green to Gold" is here and it's absolutely stunning with a dance film to accompany the body of work.

Singer Peter Silberman joined me for an in-depth conversation about the album. We talk about the writing process, production, lyrical themes of growth, how he has managed his hearing issues, and more. Listen below:

Or, listen on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

As I previously mentioned, the band released a dance film to accompany the near flawless album. I grew up as a dancer and was so excited to see an entire film to visualize all of the songs that I admire so deeply. Just like the LP, the film has been carefully crafted with detail featuring Bobbi-Jene Smith, Or Schraiber & Dea Schraiber.

Watch as the couple moves through the seasons and visualizes the struggles and wins with one another with mostly contemporary, modern, and lyrical influences. The film takes places at a house in a country setting, along with the nature surrounding the home. As a dancer and a big fan, this was one of the best things to happen with a release of an album I admire so deeply. It's always nice to see a dance music video here and there but an entire film!? What a treat.

One of my favourite aspects of the film includes the lighting to accompany each mood and even the switch to black and white at one point. The chemistry between the two dancers is touching and I think they did a fantastic job at bringing such a beautiful body of work to life.

Additional credits: Directed by Derrick Belcham & Emily Terndrup Choreography by Bobbi-Jene Smith & Or Schraiber Cinematography, Editing & Color by Derrick Belcham.

Moral of the story: listen to the album, and watch the movie. The collection of songs are a nice reminder of change and how it aligns with seasons. In a time where it feels like we are very much sitting still, it's a nice way to reflect back on ways that we have changed over this past year, and throughout our lives.

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