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Sweet Tooth Releases 'Let it Shine'

By: Gemma Mastroianni

Toronto based rock band Sweet Tooth is back with another high energy single 'Let It Shine', with a bit of a psychedelic twist this time.

This track is high energy and has its psychedelic elements hidden in the background, but still there enough to give me Dark Side of The Moon vibes. With all that being said, there is some edginess to the song (yeah, I DID just say edgy.) It's the perfect song to vibe out to out on a run, or perhaps sitting in your backyard in the evening staring at the stars- it is versatile.

I especially love the classic rock guitar solo at the end, that helps you complete this soul-searching journey of a song.

'Let It Shine' serves as a reminder to slow it down, and do your best to stay grounded. The band referred to it as 'a train of reflection ready to leave the station, where will you let it take you?' Honestly, I think now more than ever is the perfect time for a song like this.

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