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Summer Salt at The Axis Club | Photos

In the heart of Toronto's vibrant music scene, Lourdes Lasala's editorial photography beautifully captures the essence of Summer Salt's performance at The Axis Club. With an expert eye for detail, Lasala immortalizes the unspoken emotions, contagious energy, and shared euphoria that permeated the venue that night. Through her images, she unveils a captivating visual narrative that not only celebrates the musicians but also offers a glimpse into the larger cultural tapestry of Toronto's music scene. From the interplay of light and shadows to the atmospheric ambiance of the club, Lasala's photographs invite viewers to relish in the magic and collective experience of live music, creating a lasting connection to that unforgettable evening.


  1. Tortilla Soup

  2. Supermoon

  3. Candy Wrappers

  4. Give My Heart a Little Break

  5. Mondays Facil

  6. Hocus Pocus

  7. Little chimmy

  8. One Last Time

  9. Swinging For the Fences

  10. Carry On

  11. Little Legs

  12. Full Catastrophe

  13. Seventeen

  14. Fire Sign

  15. Macaroon

  16. Marielle

  17. Driving to Hawaii

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