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Stuffed & Ready by Cherry Glazerr Review

By: Tye Hardy


LA based Rock Trio Cherry Glazerr delivers their third album, Stuffed & Ready, in a pissed off manner. The music and lyrics captures lead vocalist and guitarist Clementine Creevy’s indignation for everything around her. From the opening track ‘Ohio’ to the closer ‘Distressor’, the theme is very apparent. The album keeps a steady sound throughout its entire length, yet has all of the dynamics to keep you from being bored. It starts with a great opener in ‘Ohio’, with its somber yet catchy vocal melodies. It’s a perfect throwback to the 90s, but with a modern twist.

There are definately Garage Rock elements, while incorporating elements of pop, which is very prominent in the second track of the album ‘Daddi’, adding to the dynamics previously mentioned. The sounds can be compared to a ‘Celebrity Skin’ era of Hole, and July Talk, but of course with it’s own brooding vibe.

Cherry Glazerr is not afraid to push any limits on this release, and are not shy of saying what’s on their mind from blasting off on the patriarchy on ‘Daddi’ to struggles with introversion on ‘Self Explained’. Overall, Cherry Glazerr raises the bar with this newest release. From the lo-fi distorted guitars on Ohio, to the pop-esque production on Daddi, all the way to the heavy smashing guitars and drums on Stupid Fish, this album has it all. Ambiguity, originality and production is everything great on this album. Favourite Tracks: “Ohio”, “Wasted Nun” and “Stupid Fish”.

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