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"Something Different" from Navigate The Sky

By: Gemma Mastroianni

Toronto based pop-trio, Navigate The Sky has released their first-ever self-produced single titled, "Something Different."

The pop rooted track features heavy basslines and slow synths that carry the track at a nice pace. Vocals are also layered and echoed but still sound natural, with some faint background support. Lyrically, it's all about falling in love with someone and hoping that they feel the same- something that we have all generally felt before, making it relatable to everyone! I'm totally a sucker for themes like so. Specifically, this was inspired by singer, Brendan Distefano meeting someone last May in Toronto. He was inspired by the beauty of this moment and wrote all about, in which the band came together and structured the track.

This was the band's first step in the direction of self-producing as a band. Derek Hoffman (Arkells, Like Pacific, The Flatliners) produced their previous tracks, but the band felt like collaborating together was the next step to make.

The band is not currently partnered with a label, nor do they have any funding. All members had been practicing production for a long time and saw other artists doing it, so they collaborated and succeeded with this very high-quality and well-produced track, "Scott Helman did it so we were like "screw it, let's do it!"

The trio recorded it in a mixture of different spots- they all have their own bedroom studios, and they booked a vocal booth to have treated vocals, and mixed the track in the program, Protools.

"Something Different" differs from past releases because it is completely original to the trio, without any other opinions. This experience made them feel closer to the song for this reason. Sonically, it also rhythm in the vocals that they haven't played with before.

The guys are going to release a couple of more singles, and plan to close off the year with an EP.

Listen on Spotify and Apple Music.

Follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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