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"Sideways" by quietype | Single Review

By: Amanda McMillan

A lot has happened in the last 18 months. Many bands have been unable to weather the storm, isolated from each other as well as the creative magic that happens when you’re writing and playing music together. For some, it meant moving on. But for quietype, it’s provided a springboard for digging deeper, honing production skills, and finding new ways to express themselves.

While the Toronto band has kept themselves busy releasing a downtempo cover of the 90s classic “What is Love,” and producing a theme song for critically acclaimed podcast Do You Know Mordecai?, they’ve also had to consider what was next as a band. Isolation is tough, a double edged sword that can both push you to your breaking point, and open up the opportunity for stronger intimacy. As they were navigating these things both on an individual and collective level, it became clear that making new music was a grounding force for them.

Their newest single “Sideways,” encapsulates the complexity of this time, both brooding and celebratory. It’s an ode to the kind of closeness and intimacy that can only appear after spending countless hours together. Recording and produced over a weekend in Chatham-Kent, where lead singer Jon Plytas work as a firefighter, “Sideways” showcases and evolution in the band’s sound - refined, sophisticated and seamlessly weaving through different genres.

A little bit Miguel, a little bit Maggie Rogers, “Sideways” is smooth and initicing while still maintaining the tension of longing. Mastered by Juno award winning producer Dajaun Martineau, “Sideways” is proof that quietype has what it takes to still make magic even in hard times.

You can stream “Sideways” wherever you get your music, now.


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